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Norman Foster (born as Norman Robert Foster in Manchester, Lancs, England), he is also known as Baron Foster of Thames Bank, is a famous Architect from United Kingdom, he is 84 years old and still alive, born June 1, 1935.


Norman Robert Foster, Baron Foster of Thames Bank, is an English architect. He was educated in Manchester and at Yale University and is director of Foster Associates.

He is known for a number of international prestige projects, including conversion of the Reichstag in Berlin with its glass dome.

Foster was in 1990 appointed Knight Bachelor and thereby ennobled. In 1999 he was appointed to the baron with the title Baron Foster of Thames Bank. As Baron described him as Lord Foster.

He has received both the German Order Pour le Merit and the English Order of Merit Order. In 1999 he received the Pritzker Prize. He was in 2009 awarded the Prince of Asturias Prize for Art.

Zodiac etc.

He is born under the zodiac gemini, who is known for Communication, Indecision, Inquisitive, Intelligent, Changeable. Our collection contains 1 quotes who is written / told by Norman.

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"Control is the wrong word. The practice is very much about sharing, and, in any creative practice, some individuals, whether partners or directors, are much closer to certain projects than I could ever be"