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Roald Amundsen was a famous Explorer from Norway, who lived between July 16, 1872 and June 18, 1928.


Roald Amundsen Engelbregt burial Ning was a Norwegian polar explorer, and explorers. He is best known for having led the first expedition reached the South Pole-point, in 1911, and to have found the Northwest Passage in 1903.

Amundsen was with his colleague Fridtjof Nansen, the free real Norwegian national hero in the years after independence in 1905. He was the first person to reach both the South Pole and North Pole. He sailed through the Northwest Passage, and was among the first companies to use airships and airplanes in polutforskingen. Roald Amundsen disappeared in June 1928 when he participated in a rescue after the plane he was aboard crashed near Bear Island.

Zodiac etc.

He is born under the zodiac cancer, who is known for Emotion, Diplomatic, Intensity, Impulsive, Selective. Our collection contains 2 quotes who is written / told by Roald.

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Famous quotes by Roald Amundsen (2)

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"We must always remember with gratitude and admiration the first sailors who steered their vessels through storms and mists, and increased our knowledge of the lands of ice in the South"
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"Adventure is just bad planning"