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Trevor Huddleston (born as Ernest Urban Trevor Huddleston in Bedford, England) was a famous Activist from United Kingdom, who lived between June 15, 1913 and 1998.


Ernest Urban Trevor Huddleston was a British Anglican archbishop and a fighter against apartheid in South Africa.

Trevor Huddleston, Sir Ernest Huddlestons father was director of the Royal Indian Navy. Huddleston attended as a pupil at Lancing College, Lancing, and later he attended Christ Church College, Oxford. A part of his vacation he spent with hop pickers in Kent. So he began to be interested in missionary work. He studied theology at Wells Theological College in 1937. He was ordained a priest in 1939, he joined the Anglican religious community of the Resurrection (CR, German: "Community of the Resurrection").

In 1943 he moved to Johannesburg in South Africa. He was there at his service as head of the mission station of the CR in Rosettenville in Sophiatown district.

Over the next 13 years, Huddleston was a popular priest. In 1949, he Superintendent of the St. Peter's School, which was called the "Black Eton of South Africa". He was known as a tireless activist against apartheid. He got his nickname Makhalipile (German: "The Intrepid"). Especially at the beginning of the violent eviction of Sophiatown Huddleston contributed nonviolent resistance. 1955 he became the African National Congress (ANC) to the peace congress in Kliptown Isitwalandwe the honorary title (German as: "The wearing of the feathers of a rare bird") awarded the highest honor awarded by the ANC. Huddleston was with Yusuf Dadoo, Albert Luthuli and the first recipient of this title.

In 1956, Huddleston was banned by the South African government. He then called back to England. In the same year he published his most famous book, Naught for Your Comfort (German as: "No comfort," as a German edition wines, you beloved country South Africa.), In which he denounces the system of apartheid passionately. He worked for several years now at the headquarters of the Order in Mirfield and was committed to continue to oppose apartheid. In 1959 he was among the initiators of an international economic boycott of the apartheid regime. In 1960 he was appointed Bishop of Masasi in Tanzania today. Eight years later he was Suffragan Bishop of Stepney in the London diocese. In 1978 he was appointed Bishop of Mauritius and finally Archbishop of the "Province of the Indian Ocean".

In 1983 he resigned as archbishop, and returned to England. From then on he devoted himself primarily to the re-fight against apartheid.

Huddleston died in 1998 at the headquarters of the Order in Mirfield.

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"God bless Africa, Guard her people, Guide her leaders, And give her peace"
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"My responsibility is always and everywhere the same: to see in my brother more even than the personality and manhood that are his. My task is always and everywhere the same: to see Christ himself"