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Colin Chapman (born as Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman in Richmond, London) was a famous Inventor from England, who lived between May 9, 1928 and December 16, 1982.


Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman was a British racing driver and bilkonstruktör. He was the founder of the Lotus Cars.

Chapman was studying engineering at University College London, constructed during the school years his first car. This car was named after Lotus Lotus, but it was also the nickname he used on his girlfriend Hazel Williams. Construction began in October 1947 and was built by the Austin Seven components. He was also involved and designed the Lorean DMC-12 which was made of stainless steel.

Chapman took part in a Formula 1 races, the French Grand Prix in 1956, where he drove a Vanwall. But he had to stall already in the start. His car brand Lotus was later awarded many successes through its Formula 1 racing teams Team Lotus. Chapman was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame 1994th.

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