Gary Sheffield Biography

BornNovember 18, 1968
Age54 years
Early Life
Gary Sheffield was born upon November 18, 1968, in Tampa, Florida, USA. He was a talented athlete from a young age and mastered baseball and football at an early age. Sheffield attended Hillsborough High School in Tampa, where he started showcasing his abilities in both sports. In the middle of a competitive and sports-loving household, Sheffield matured together with Dwight Gooden, a future MLB star who also occurred to be his uncle.

High School Career
During Sheffield's high school days at Hillsborough High School, he played both football (as a pass receiver) and baseball (as a shortstop and pitcher on the baseball group). It was during this time that Sheffield's baseball skills started to garner attention from college employers and expert scouts alike. While in high school, Sheffield was called the 1986 Gatorade National Player of the Year for his extraordinary efficiency in baseball.

Professional Career
Sheffield's expert baseball career began when he was prepared by the Milwaukee Brewers in the first round (6th total pick) of the 1986 Major League Baseball (MLB) Draft. He made his debut for the Brewers in 1988 as a shortstop but later transitioned to 3rd base prior to finding his permanent position as a best fielder.

Over his 22-year MLB career, Sheffield played for 8 various groups-- the Milwaukee Brewers, San Diego Padres, Florida Marlins, Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, and the New York Mets.

One of the highlights of Sheffield's career remained in 1997 when he won the World Series with the Florida Marlins. In this World Series triumph, Sheffield played an essential function as a vital offensive gamer for the Marlins.

On April 17, 2009, Sheffield made history by becoming the 25th gamer in MLB to join the prestigious 500 home run club when he hit a home run betting the New York Mets against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Throughout his professional career, Sheffield was understood for his effective striking and excellent arm strength, which played a considerable function in his total success as a baseball gamer. He was a nine-time All-Star and a five-time Silver Slugger Award winner.

Controversies and Performance-Enhancing Drugs
Although Sheffield had a successful and storied profession, it was not without controversies. He was understood for having a rather combative character that often put him at chances with his teammates, coaches, and the media.

Probably the most significant debate surrounding Sheffield was his association with the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO) scandal in the early 2000s. BALCO was a sports nutrition center that was discovered to be distributing performance-enhancing drugs to professional athletes. Sheffield confessed to using a testosterone-based cream provided by BALCO but rejected purposefully utilizing steroids or any other illegal substances. As a result of the scandal, Sheffield's achievements and standing in the sport of baseball were rather damaged, and his eligibility for the Baseball Hall of Fame has actually been taken into question.

Retirement and Philanthropy
Gary Sheffield formally announced his retirement from expert baseball on February 17, 2011, ending his 22-year career in MLB. Since then, Sheffield has actually been involved with different charitable endeavors, including the Gary Sheffield Foundation, which intends to offer help and chances to underprivileged and at-risk youth in Tampa, Florida.

Over the last few years, Sheffield has likewise been involved in training youth baseball, sharing his understanding and enthusiasm for the sport with aspiring young players.

Personal Life
Sheffield has been wed to his wife, DeLeon Richards, a gospel vocalist, considering that 1999. The couple has 3 kids together. Sheffield is also the stepfather to DeLeon's daughter from a previous relationship.

In spite of the controversies that have surrounded Sheffield's profession, there is no rejecting his immense skill and passion for the sport of baseball. His excellent stats and memorable highlights on the field will permanently be remembered by baseball fans and players alike.

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Small: Well, everybody is trying to make this a money thing. If you send me to another team, lets see what I a
"Well, everybody is trying to make this a money thing. If you send me to another team, let's see what I ask for. I won't ask for nothing. I'll play under the same terms. So it is not Gary wants more money. Gary has money. What else do I need?"
Small: The owners have the right to pay you whatever they want to. They dont have to pay you if they dont want
"The owners have the right to pay you whatever they want to. They don't have to pay you if they don't want to"
Small: I trust no one totally
"I trust no one totally"