American Virgin (2000)

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When your father is a pornographer, what can you do to shock him? If you're Katrina Bartalotti, you announce that you're going to lose your virginity -- live on the Internet, for the whole world to see.

Movie Summary
"American Virgin" (original title: "Live Virgin") is a 2000 funny film directed by Jean-Pierre Marois. The film includes a star-studded cast including Robert Loggia, Bob Hoskins, and Mena Suvari, who plays the protagonist, Katrina.

The plot of "American Virgin" centers on Katrina Bartalotti (Mena Suvari), the defiant 18-year-old child of a wealthy entrepreneur, Ronny Bartalotti (Robert Loggia). Ronny is a cigar-chomping, eccentric pornography mogul who wants to display his child's virginity loss in a pay-per-view special in Las Vegas.

The televised phenomenon, named "Live Virgin", is prepared to be the supreme reality television program where Katrina is to lose her virginity on electronic camera to the highest bidder. The household's straight-laced new British butler, Joey Quinn (Bob Hoskins), is horrified by this plan and sets out to stop it from getting executed.

Katrina's Dilemma and Joey's Role
Katrina is captured in a web of options where she requires to select whether to comply with her dad's outrageous plans or rebel. While she's exposed to the world's judgment and uproar of moralists around the society, she surprisingly appears pretty undisturbed about it.

Nevertheless, her appointments start to unfold when her enduring crush, Brian (Gabriel Mann), returns to town, stirring romantic feelings within her. Brian's arrival provides a 'genuine' opportunity for her to reveal her sexuality in a significant and consensual framework instead of the commodified spectacle her dad strategies.

Joey, on the other hand, develops a nurturing and protective bond with Katrina that fuels his determination to hinder the disaster waiting to happen. He plans to do so without losing his task or crossing his expert limits.

Characters and Performances
Mena Suvari delivers an amusing performance as Katrina, a character you 'd anticipate to be clich├ęd and stereotyped, however she turns her into a remarkably susceptible young woman. Despite being a defiant teenager who knows and initially accepts the ludicracy of her father's plans, she's also quite naive and imperfect when it comes to matters of the heart.

Bob Hoskins likewise provides a thrilling efficiency as Quinn, being the only voice of factor in a world caught moral decadence. Him endeavouring to preserve Katrina's stability while fighting his own feelings adds an appealing layer to his character arc.

"American Virgin" provides an absurdist commentary on the state of truth television, commodifying virginity, and the exploitation of personal and intimate minutes for public intake. The movie has comedic spots, however it likewise explores complex emotional themes, lending a non-traditional tone to its story. Despite its specific facility, it manages to strongly advocate for intimacy, approval, and real human connection.

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