Arizona Legion (1939)

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A federal agent infiltrates an outlaw band that's taken over a western town.

Title: Arizona Legion (1939)

The movie "Arizona Legion" (1939) is a timeless western directed by David Howard and starring George O'Brien and Laraine Johnson (later on referred to as Laraine Day). O'Brien plays the role of Lieutenant Lee Rogers, a lawman pursuing an outlaw referred to as "The Juarez Kid". The outlaw, depicted by Henry Brandon, has been raiding and terrorizing border towns. Helped by his faithful partner Tuttle, played by Chill Wills, Rogers sets out to stop the bandit and bring back law and order.

The story of "Arizona Legion" unfolds as it begins with lawbreakers posing as Texas Rangers terrifying border towns, taking cattle, and dedicating other crimes. Behind these bad guys is "The Juarez Kid", who is scheming these abhorrent acts, cleverly blaming it on the Rangers. The damage is so extreme, and the Texas Rangers require to clear their name and bring the offenders to justice.

Guv Lew Wallace appoints Lieutenant Lee Rogers and his buddy Tuttle to the objective, and they soon begin the process of tracking down the gang. Rogers chooses to infiltrate the group by pretending to be an outlaw, hoping this would lead him straight to "The Juarez Kid".

Twists and Turns
Rogers' plan goes efficiently until he meets Dolores Devereaux, played by Laraine Johnson. Devereaux is a trusted woman who is uninformed of Rogers' true intent and sees him as a criminal. Their courses cross all of a sudden, posturing a problem to Rogers, who now likewise has to encourage Devereaux of his genuine identity.

Rogers then discovers himself in a pickle when he winds up being arrested by the Mexican authorities due to mistaken identity. Devereaux, who has actually begun to establish sensations for Rogers, battles relentlessly to get him released.

In the end, the climax reaches a peak when Rogers manages to leave, and a confrontation takes place in between him and The Juarez Kid in the heart of the desert. This ends with Rogers triumphant, recording The Juarez Kid and his gang and putting an end to the border raids. With the Texas Rangers' name cleared, Rogers leaves his objective victorious and his relationship with Devereaux has actually grown, ending the movie on a high note.

Themes and Reception
"Arizona Legion" checks out various styles such as crime, justice, deception, and love, common of the westerns produced during that period. The film received beneficial evaluations upon its release for its strong performances, particularly George O'Brien, and its tightly woven plot that handled to keep the audiences engaged.

Top Cast

  • George O’Brien (small)
    George O’Brien
    Boone Yeager
  • Laraine Day (small)
    Laraine Day
    Letty Meade (as Laraine Johnson)
  • Carlyle Moore Jr. (small)
    Carlyle Moore Jr.
    Lieutenant Bob Ives (as Carlyle Moore)
  • Chill Wills (small)
    Chill Wills
    Whopper Hatch
  • Tom Chatterton (small)
    Tom Chatterton
    Commissioner Teagle
  • Edward LeSaint (small)
    Edward LeSaint
    Judge Clayton L. Meade
  • William Royle (small)
    William Royle
    Jim Dutton
  • Harry Cording (small)
    Harry Cording
    Whiskey Joe
  • Glenn Strange (small)
    Glenn Strange
    George Kirby
  • Monte Montague (small)
    Monte Montague
    Buck Dawson
  • Bob Burns (small)
    Bob Burns
    Tucson Jones (as Bobby Burns)