Ma che ci faccio qui! (2006)

Title: Ma che ci faccio qui!
Year: 2006
Country: Italy
Director: Francesco Amato
Screenwriter: Michele Pellegrini, Gianni Garrera, and also Gabriella Riccio
Main Cast: Claudio Santamaria, Francesca Inaudi, Ninetto Davoli, Ugo Conti, Chiara Caselli
"Ma che ci faccio qui!" is an Italian comedy-drama film routed by Francesco Amato as well as released in 2006. The film discovers the story of a young college graduate called Alessandro, that comes from a town in Southern Italy. Upon receiving his degree in Communication Science, he is not able to find a job in his field, and his life takes different challenging turns as he struggles to make ends meet and manage the obstacles that come.

Story Summary
"Ma che ci faccio qui!" begins with Alessandro (played by Claudio Santamaria) becoming a graduate and also getting his level in Communication Science. He quickly uncovers that locating a task in his area is not as very easy as he had anticipated. Eventually, he surrenders to fate as well as determines to function as a gasoline station attendant in Rome, where he fulfills Georgia (Francesca Inaudi), a solitary mommy of 3 youngsters. Alessandro becomes familiarized with Georgia and also establishes a bond with her as well as her kids.

However, his struggles do not end there. Alessandro's papa, that is a fisherman, struggles with a cardiovascular disease, which puts a lot more pressure on him to find a far better task to sustain his family members. He then settles to take part in a rigged quiz show, understanding that the winners typically get job offers. Regardless of his much better judgment, Alessandro goes on and also cheats on the quiz show, arising the champion. However, the task deal he receives isn't in his area, leading him to examine his choices as well as moral compass.

Throughout the film, Alessandro comes across numerous weird characters on his trip. He satisfies an eccentric guy referred to as "The Captain" (Ninetto Davoli), that tries to regularly offer him numerous things such as angling webs, and also a shipment chauffeur called Secchiè (Ugo Conti), that steals gasoline for his trucks. Moreover, Alessandro's relationship with Georgia obtains momentum, and she considers having a connection with him. However, Alessandro can not devote to her, understanding all the keys and misdeeds in his life.

Eventually, the story finishes with Alessandro taking a long, introspective journey alone on a sailboat. He challenges his worries and also insecurities about the decisions he's made and also understands that life is not best or easy. Instead, it's full of options, and one need to cope with the repercussions of their activities, whether good or poor.

Themes and Symbolism
"Ma che ci faccio qui!" is a story of self-discovery as well as maturing. The movie highlights the irony of a young graduate's struggle to locate a task in his preferred field-- regardless of the so-called assurance of a far better life that comes with a level. It delves into the theme of ethical conflict as Alessandro grapples with the options he has made as well as the lines he has crossed to attain his objectives.

A recurring symbol throughout the movie is the sea, representing the unknown as well as the massiveness of life's battles. The cruising scene in the direction of completion of the film indicates the protagonist's emotional and mental journey as he grapples with his choices and the moral ambiguity he has actually run into.

"Ma che ci faccio qui!" is an amusing yet thought-provoking film that touches upon the difficulties as well as unpredictabilities dealt with by young people as they start their journey in the real world. With Alessandro, the movie discovers the difficulties that included making challenging decisions, especially when one's ethical compass is put to test. The film serves as a pointer that life is intricate and also usually unravels in uncertain means, which occasionally, the very best we can do is to navigate our individual journey in spite of the difficulties tossed our means.

Top Cast

  • Manuela Ungaro (small)
    Manuela Ungaro
  • Gianfranco Barra (small)
    Gianfranco Barra
  • Alina Nedelea (small)
    Alina Nedelea
  • Daniele De Angelis (small)
    Daniele De Angelis
  • Paolo Sassanelli (small)
    Paolo Sassanelli
  • Chiara Nicola (small)
    Chiara Nicola
  • Francesco Brandi (small)
    Francesco Brandi
  • Giovanni Morassutti (small)
    Giovanni Morassutti
    Party guy