The Scopone Game (1972)

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Original Title: Lo scopone scientifico

An aging American millionairess journeys to Rome each year with her chauffeur George to play the card game scopone with destitute Peppino and his wife Antonia.

"The Scopone Game" (original title: "Lo Scopone Scientífico") is a 1972 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Luigi Comencini as well as starring Alberto Sordi, Silvana Mangano, Joseph Cotten, as well as Bette Davis. The movie is based on a tale by the Italian screenwriter Rodolfo Sonego and revolves around a rich American lady and also her passion for the traditional Italian card video game Scopone, which she plays during her annual holidays in Rome.

Story Overview
The wealthy and eccentric American widow, Mrs. Ramsey (Bette Davis), spends her annual summer season holidays in a delicious suite in Rome, where she continuously invites the very same poor family members to play the card game Scopone with her. The family members includes the couple team of Antonio (Alberto Sordi) as well as Maria (Silvana Mangano), as well as their children, that eagerly prepare for the huge amounts of cash they can win from the well-off American tourist. Mrs. Ramsey's private assistant, Peppino (Joseph Cotten), guarantees that the invited family members is adequately established for the game.

Annually, the poverty-stricken Antonio and Maria hope to turn their fortunes around by winning the card game. Nonetheless, they continuously shed, and Mrs. Ramsey gradually increases the risk, making it harder and more irritating for the desperate household to strike it abundant. As the risks expand greater, the family comes to be progressively associated with the game, just to locate themselves in a never-ending cycle of shedding every little thing they have to the video game.

The film discovers motifs of social inequality and the psychology of gaming, as both the rich Mrs. Ramsey as well as the inadequate Antonio become stressed with winning, even if it indicates creating monetary ruin for themselves or others. The characters' changing ton of money and differing emotional states are represented with wit, yet the total tone of the movie is bitterly ridiculing.

Main Characters
Mrs. Ramsey, played by Bette Davis in among her later duties, is an abundant and also eccentric American widow that discovers vicious satisfaction in controling others, particularly monetarily. She is manipulative as well as shrewd, using her wealth as well as power to allure the protagonists in her corrupt game.

Antonio, depicted by Alberto Sordi, is the head of the bad Italian family members, that ends up being consumed with winning the card video game and also enhancing his family members's lot of money. He agrees to take the chance of whatever, including offering his home, to fund his gambling pursuits.

Maria, played by Silvana Mangano, is Antonio's other half and shares her spouse's despair to win the card video game. Unlike her spouse, however, Maria tries to maintain her feelings in check as they lose time and also again.

Peppino, represented by Joseph Cotten, is Mrs. Ramsey's effective as well as seemingly cold-hearted assistant that coordinates the game arrangements as well as actively adds to the protagonists' bad luck. However, his inspirations are a lot more nuanced than they at first show up.

Vital Reception
"The Scopone Game" received usually favorable evaluations for its darkly satirical tone, sharp social discourse, and strong performances from its lead actors. Bette Davis, particularly, was praised for her representation of the vicious and also manipulative Mrs. Ramsey. Although the film's pacing and story advancements periodically faced criticism, and also some audiences found the subject extremely stark, the film has actually since gotten a significant cult following among Italian movie theater fanatics.

"The Scopone Game" is a provocative and also darkly comical expedition of social inequality and the human fixation with gambling and winning. The film's effective performances, satirical tone, as well as interesting plot make it an intriguing choice for followers of Italian movie theater and those curious about exploring styles of power dynamics and also human psychology.

Top Cast

  • Alberto Sordi (small)
    Alberto Sordi
  • Silvana Mangano (small)
    Silvana Mangano
  • Joseph Cotten (small)
    Joseph Cotten
  • Bette Davis (small)
    Bette Davis
    'A vecchia
  • Mario Carotenuto (small)
    Mario Carotenuto
    Il Professore
  • Domenico Modugno (small)
    Domenico Modugno
  • Antonella Di Maggio
  • Daniele Dublino (small)
    Daniele Dublino
    Don Roberto, il parroco
  • Luciana Lehar
    Jolanda, sorella di Peppino
  • Franca Scagnetti (small)
    Franca Scagnetti
    Pasqualina, la cuoca
  • Guido Cerniglia (small)
    Guido Cerniglia
    il medico personale della vecchia