Book: Earrings!

"Earrings!" is a wonderful children's book written by Judith Viorst and highlighted by Nola Langner Malone, published in 1993. The book focuses on a young girl who desperately wants to get her ears pierced, in spite of her parents' objections. She utilizes numerous methods to encourage her moms and dads, consisting of providing a series of deals.

The story begins with the unnamed young lead character lamenting her moms and dads' refusal to allow her to get her ears pierced. She feels that getting her ears pierced would make her look attractive and full-grown, like her friend who wears stunning dangling earrings.

Main Character's Tactics
Throughout the book, the young girl provides her moms and dads with various deals, intending to encourage them to let her pierce her ears. Some of these "deals" include promising to be nice to her brother, assuring not to request for more family pets, and ensuring that she will complete her tasks. The lead character also argues that she will not ask her parents for anything significant once again, such as a two-wheeler, ice skates, and even a tattoo.

Parents' Concerns
The parents, however, have their appointments about allowing their child to get her ears pierced. Their primary issue is that their child might be too young or that she will not have the ability to look after her pierced ears appropriately. They feel that it may be unnecessary pain and trouble, and they are not sure if she is responsible enough for the dedication that comes with pierced ears.

Contrast with Other Girls
The young girl becomes progressively disappointed with her moms and dads' reluctance, particularly when she sees other women her age wearing sensational earrings. She compares herself to her buddies and schoolmates who have pierced ears, wondering why her parents are not encouraging like their parents. This heightens her desire to pierce her ears and fuels her motivation to continue bargaining with her moms and dads.

Standoff and Agreement
As the story progresses, there is a standoff in between the woman and her moms and dads. Neither celebration is willing to budge, and the lead character's frustration grows with each passing day.

Eventually, the girl creates one last, convincing argument-- she guarantees that she will love her moms and dads permanently if they let her get her ears pierced. This guarantee turns out to be the key that persuades her parents to reassess their position, and they finally agree to let her get her ears pierced.

In the end, the lead character gets her ears pierced and is thrilled at her recently attractive look. The story concludes with her wearing gorgeous earrings and feeling thankful to her moms and dads for giving in to her request.

"Earrings!" is an enjoyable, relatable story about a girl's desire to reveal her uniqueness and take on more responsibilities. Throughout the book, the young protagonist showcases a large range of emotions, from determination and disappointment to happiness and appreciation. The colorful illustrations by Nola Langner Malone even more boost the amusing text, making the book a delightful read for kids and moms and dads alike.

In summary, "Earrings!" is an engaging kids's book that checks out styles such as the desire for self-expression, the art of persuasion, and the value of compromise in family relationships. The relatability of the protagonist's quest makes the book a timeless classic, celebrating the significance of understanding and appreciating the feelings and desires of young kids.

A young girl tries to convince her parents to let her get her ears pierced, using different tactics and arguments.

Author: Judith Viorst

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