Prejudices: First Series

"Prejudices: First Series" is a collection of essays by the American journalist and social movie critic, H. L. Mencken, initial released in 1919. The book reflects Mencken's eclectic range of passions and his attacking wit, with subjects extending from the state of the American country to personal experiences as well as the arts. A staunch challenger of standard knowledge and puritanical morality, Mencken uses his essays as opportunities to launch searing critiques versus American society and also its worths, usually lambasting usual hypocrisies as well as absurdities.

Critique of American Democracy
In the initial essay, Mencken sets his views on American democracy, suggesting that its shortcomings depend on the lack of knowledge and self-deception of the average person. Deeming freedom as a flawed experiment, Mencken claims that it is a system based upon incorrect perfects and unrealistic assumptions. He also goes additionally to state that freedom often tends to trigger demagogues and also charlatans as opposed to true statesmen, as the masses are usually swayed by shallow slogans and empty unsupported claims.

The American Mind and also Education
Mencken critiques the monotony and also consistency of the American mind, mapping these attributes back to the country's education and learning system. He suggests that the United States is a country shaped by Puritanism, which cherishes ignorance and also condemns technology. This is straight shown in the American education system, which advertises harmony and also subdues creative thinking and intellectual curiosity. Mencken believes that a true American wizard rarely endures the institution system, as wild concepts and also unconventionality are often offed for unquestioning obedience and also ethical righteousness.

Art and also Literature
Mencken commits a considerable part of "Prejudices" to the discussion of arts as well as literature. As an avid reader and enthusiast of the arts, Mencken uses his essays to take a look at the works of different writers as well as musicians, frequently contrasting American literature to jobs from other components of the globe. He critiques the American obsession with principles, arguing that it suppresses creative thinking and also restricts the possible depth of artistic expression. Mencken likewise looks into the life as well as jobs of prominent American writers like Walt Whitman, Edgar Allan Poe, and also Theodore Dreiser, analyzing their creative contributions in addition to their personal lives.

In his intense review of American literary works, Mencken notably crosses out most of it as "miserably childish", doing not have basically and also without creativity. Minority American writers he praises, such as H. G. Wells, Theodore Dreiser, as well as Joseph Conrad, are frequently those who overturn the status quo and dare to discover the darker edges of the human experience.

The Theatre and also Cinema
Being a lover of theatre and also cinema, it comes as no surprise that Mencken dedicates part of his publication to talking about these tools. He derides the sentimentality and also melodrama that characterized American theatre as well as movies at the time. Through his evaluations, Mencken holds that commercialism and the stress to comply with prominent taste work versus the advancement of real imaginative technology, leading to surface, routine, as well as commonplace manufacturings.

American Journalism and Newspapers
As a reporter himself, Mencken devotes a significant section of "Prejudices" to critiquing American journalism. He regrets the market's state, particularly in relation to its propensity for sensationalism, mediocrity, and the spreading of unfounded reports. Mencken not just targets the writers as well as editors in charge of this material however also the reviewing public who willingly consumes it. He says that the wish for home entertainment and chatter adds to the destruction of journalistic requirements and also the trivialization of essential concerns.

"Prejudices: First Series" offers a window right into the mind as well as passions of H. L. Mencken, showcasing his sharp monitorings as well as keen intellect. Via his essays, Mencken checks out numerous aspects of American society, commonly unmasking hypocrisies and subjecting elements of lack of knowledge, mediocrity, and also consistency that suffuse throughout. Although written in the early 20th century, Mencken's reviews still show appropriate today as they welcome visitors to rock the boat as well as motivate a healthy hesitation toward traditional wisdom.
Prejudices: First Series

The first in Mencken's six-volume series of essays critiquing American culture, politics, and literature.

Author: H. L. Mencken

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