Novel: Rupert of Hentzau

"Rupert of Hentzau" is a novel by Anthony Hope, published in 1898 as a follow up to his well-known work "The Prisoner of Zenda". The story is set in the imaginary central European kingdom of Ruritania and complies with the more journeys of Rudolf Rassendyll as well as his encounters with the villainous Rupert of Hentzau.

Plot Summary
The novel begins three years after the occasions of "The Prisoner of Zenda". Rudolf Rassendyll, the Englishman that had formerly posed the King of Ruritania, is quietly staying in England. He receives a letter from his good friend, Colonel Sapt, a trusted adviser to the Ruritanian royal family. With the letter comes a little box consisting of a rose, which was a token of love from Princess Flavia, currently Queen of Ruritania.

Colonel Sapt informs Rudolf that Rupert of Hentzau, a creep and the antagonist of the previous book, is creating problem for the kingdom once more. He has intercepted an enthusiastic love letter from the Queen to Rudolf, and also plans to use it to blackmail her and topple the monarchy. Sapt advises Rudolf to return to Ruritania as well as assist recover the letter, although he is still in love with Queen Flavia, who was compelled to wed King Rudolf Elphberg for the good of the kingdom.

Rudolf's Return to Ruritania
Rassendyll consents to go back to Ruritania and also establishes out on the dangerous trip, gone along with by his devoted servant, Fritz von Tarlenheim. Rudolf's return to Ruritania stays a secret as the two guys take a trip in camouflage. Along the way, they come across a female called Rosa Holf, that is secretly crazy with Rupert of Hentzau. Rosa believes that Rupert has actually betrayed her, as well as she offers Rudolf and Fritz useful information concerning Rupert's location.

Discovering the Letter and Encounters with Rupert
Rudolf and Fritz manage to track Rupert down and take the letter from him. Nonetheless, in doing so, they inadvertently reveal their visibility in Ruritania to the villain. Rupert swears vengeance and also sets out to eliminate Rudolf finally.

Throughout the unique, Rassendyll and also Rupert take part in different duels and fights, highlighting the stress in between good and also bad. At one point, Rupert abducts the King and also pressures Rudolf to pose him once more. Nevertheless, Rassendyll takes care of to outsmart and also rescue the King, though not without excellent individual risk.

Climax as well as Resolution
The novel reaches its orgasm when Rupert and also his gang attempt to infiltrate the castle in order to execute Rassendyll as well as the King. There is a thrilling battle, as well as, in the end, Rudolf has the ability to defeat Rupert as well as bring back stability to the kingdom.

With Rupert of Hentzau dead, the threat to the Queen as well as the royal family members is gotten rid of. However, Rudolf and also Flavia's love remains difficult, as she is bound by her duty to the throne. The two share a heartbreaking goodbye, as well as Rudolf leaves Ruritania once again.

"Rupert of Hentzau" provides a gratifying extension of the tale initially provided in "The Prisoner of Zenda". The book is full of adventure, intrigue, as well as love, producing a pleasurable and also interesting read. The emotional as well as bittersweet verdict serves as a fitting end to the story of Rudolf Rassendyll and also his love for Queen Flavia, showcasing the deep feeling of honor, task, and sacrifice existing throughout the story.
Rupert of Hentzau

Rupert of Hentzau is the sequel to The Prisoner of Zenda. The story picks up three years after the events of the first novel, with Queen Flavia ruling Ruritania alongside her husband, King Rudolf V. When former antagonist Rupert of Hentzau returns to cause more trouble, Rudolf Rassendyll is once again called upon to impersonate the king and save the day.

Author: Anthony Hope

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