Play: Sejanus His Fall

"Sejanus His Fall" is a historic catastrophe written by Ben Jonson in 1603. It was performed by the Lord Chamberlain's Men and also notably included Richard Burbage in the titular function of Sejanus. The play is set in old Rome during the reign of Emperor Tiberius, as well as revolves around the rise and fall of his notorious confidant and consultant, Sejanus. Attracting its story from historic resources such as Tacitus, Suetonius, and Juvenal, "Sejanus His Fall" investigates the themes of ambition, power, and the principles of national politics.

Story Overview
The play begins with Tiberius sharing his policy of Rome with his 2 primary advisors, the enthusiastic Sejanus as well as his moral reverse, the virtuous Sabinus. Sejanus, discontented with his placement, aspires to come to be the Emperor himself, as well as begins outlining against Tiberius and his household, aiming to annihilate them all.

In order to advance his political passions, Sejanus coordinates the failure as well as fatality of Germanicus, Tiberius's picked successor. He privately executes Germanicus and also controls the situation to have Agrippina and also her kids charged of betrayal. In his quest for power, Sejanus likewise seduces Livia, Tiberius's niece, and conspires against Tiberius's son, Drusus.

Nonetheless, Sabinus sees through Sejanus's systems as well as is identified to reveal and bring him to justice. Among the increasingly unsafe setting, he develops an alliance with Cordus, a patient who treasures Rome's moral stability most of all else. With each other, they generate evidence proving Sejanus's shame and also effort to present it to Tiberius, who rejects to believe the accusations against his trusted advisor.

Meanwhile, Sejanus places Tiberius's grandson, Gemellus, under home apprehension and sends assassins after Drusus's son, having actually successfully eliminated every prospective beneficiary to the throne. In a bizarre turn of occasions, Tiberius nominates Sejanus as co-princeps of Rome, additional solidifying his case to the realm.

The Downfall of Sejanus
In the final act of the play, Tiberius gets a letter from Antonia, the mom of Germanicus, exposing Sejanus's betrayal. Challenged with indisputable proof, the Emperor is required to recognize the reality about his trusted consultant's disgusting machinations. He sends a message of admonishment to the Senate, requiring Sejanus's apprehension and implementation.

Upon getting Tiberius's orders, the Senate transforms versus Sejanus, who is detained and sentenced. The people of Rome celebrate at the information of his autumn from grace, burning his statuaries as well as dismantling his pictures around the city. Livia, abandoned by Sejanus, dedicates suicide upon understanding that her machinations have actually resulted in the devastation of her own family members. Finally, Sejanus is carried out, pleasing the need for justice and also ending his power of fear.

Styles as well as Analysis
"Sejanus His Fall" checks out the harmful nature of political passion and also the moral effects of obtaining and also wielding power. Via the character of Sejanus, Jonson exposes the dark side of humanity, as he is driven to betrayal, assassination, and also adjustment to please his desire for power. Conversely, via the personalities of Sabinus and Cordus, the play demonstrates the value of ethical honesty and the pursuit of justice, also in the face of hardship.

Furthermore, Jonson highlights the fickleness of human loyalty, as seen by the speed with which the Senate and the people of Rome transform against Sejanus as soon as his betrayal is disclosed. This subjects the fragile nature of power based on deception as well as manipulation, as opposed to that built on genuine loyalty as well as trust.

Finally, "Sejanus His Fall" is a gripping historical misfortune that looks into the dark globe of political intrigue as well as aspiration, using a classic exploration of the corruptive nature of power and also the intrinsic struggle in between principles and also the wish for prominence.
Sejanus His Fall

A historical drama chronicling the rise and fall of the Roman Emperor Tiberius' scheming advisor Sejanus, who eventually meets his own downfall.

Author: Ben Jonson

Ben Jonson Ben Jonson, born 1572 in London. Unearth his journey from bricklayer to renowned playwright, and delve into his famed quotes.
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