Johnny Kelly Biography

BornMarch 9, 1968
Age56 years
Early Life
Johnny Kelly, born on March 9, 1968, in Brooklyn, New York, is an American musician, mainly known for being the drummer of heavy metal bands such as Type O Negative and Danzig. Growing up in a family that enjoyed and supported music, Johnny was presented to drums at an early age. While in high school, he discovered to play the drums and developed a passion for heavy metal music. Some of his considerable impacts throughout his formative years as a musician were Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motörhead, and Black Sabbath.

Rise to Fame
Johnny Kelly's music career removed in 1993 when he joined the band Type O Negative, changing previous drummer Sal Abruscato. Type O Negative, a Brooklyn-based gothic metal band, was formed in 1989 and included Peter Steele on vocals, Kenny Hickey on guitar, Josh Silver on keyboards, and Sal Abruscato on drums. The band acquired fame for their unique mix of doom and gothic metal, including melancholic tunes and dark lyrics.

During Kelly's period with Type O Negative, the band released four prominent albums- Bloody Kisses (1993), October Rust (1996), World Coming Down (1999), and Life Is Killing Me (2003). Each of these albums garnered vital and industrial honor, solidifying the band's position in the heavy metal scene.

Danzig and Beyond
In 2002, Johnny Kelly started dealing with Glenn Danzig, a distinguished heavy metal artist and creator of the Misfits and Samhain. Kelly's effective drumming skills made him a perfect suitable for the horror-punk, and heavy metal sound of Danzig. Johnny would split his time between Type O Negative and Danzig for a number of years, contributing to both bands' recordings and live efficiencies.

Following the unfortunate death of Peter Steele, Type O Negative dissolved in 2010. Johnny Kelly continued to have fun with Danzig, offering drums for the studio albums Deth Red Sabaoth (2010), Skeletons (2015), and Black Laden Crown (2017). In addition, Kelly would sign up with numerous other bands and projects, consisting of A Pale Horse Named Death, Seventh Void, Kill Devil Hill, and Silvertomb.

Cooperations and Present Day
Throughout his career, Johnny Kelly has actually worked together with many artists from the heavy metal scene. He has actually shared the stage with artists such as Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, and Marilyn Manson. Kelly's flexible drumming abilities have actually made him an in-demand musician within the genre.

Today, Johnny Kelly stays an active member of the heavy metal neighborhood, both as a drummer and a manufacturer. He continues to perform with numerous bands and adds to various metal tasks. With a career covering over 30 years, Kelly's influence on the heavy metal scene stays substantial, and he is regarded as a necessary figure in gothic metal and punk history.

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8 Famous quotes by Johnny Kelly

Small: P.C. is just too Big Brother - telling me how I should act and feel
"P.C. is just too Big Brother - telling me how I should act and feel"
Small: Usually when attorneys are assembling a jury, theyre just looking for sheep that are easily impressed
"Usually when attorneys are assembling a jury, they're just looking for sheep that are easily impressed"
Small: Ive been dying to play
"I've been dying to play"
Small: People think that its their sovereign right to download music and not have to pay for it
"People think that it's their sovereign right to download music and not have to pay for it"
Small: I grew up in Brooklyn
"I grew up in Brooklyn"
Small: Wherever theres opportunity, the mafia will be there
"Wherever there's opportunity, the mafia will be there"
Small: I dont like the idea that the government has so much of a say in things
"I don't like the idea that the government has so much of a say in things"
Small: Autumn is my favorite season
"Autumn is my favorite season"