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Embark on a literary journey with our remarkable collection of celebrated authors! Our interactive list showcases some of the most influential figures in literary history. With just a click, you can delve into comprehensive details about each writer, including their notable works, personal background, and enduring contributions to the world of literature. From timeless novelists to modern-day poets, our extensive resource is your gateway to uncovering the richness and diversity of this captivating domain.

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  • Rabindranath Tagore, Small
    Rabindranath Tagore
  • Franklin P. Jones, Small
    Franklin P. Jones
  • Brian Herbert, Small
    Brian Herbert
  • George Santayana, Small
    George Santayana
  • Benito Mussolini, Small
    Benito Mussolini
  • Alexander Hamilton, Small
    Alexander Hamilton
  • David C. McClelland, Small
    David C. McClelland
  • Erich Fromm, Small
    Erich Fromm
  • Kurt Lewin, Small
    Kurt Lewin
  • Charles Eastman, Small
    Charles Eastman
  • Democritus, Small
  • Elbert Hubbard, Small
    Elbert Hubbard
  • Pam Brown, Small
    Pam Brown
  • Laurel Clark, Small
    Laurel Clark
  • Anna Quindlen, Small
    Anna Quindlen
  • Jose Rizal, Small
    Jose Rizal
  • Pythagoras, Small
  • James Joseph Sylvester, Small
    James Joseph Sylvester
  • Trevor Huddleston, Small
    Trevor Huddleston
  • B. F. Skinner, Small
    B. F. Skinner
  • Berthold Auerbach, Small
    Berthold Auerbach
  • Pierre de Fermat, Small
    Pierre de Fermat
  • Alan Lakein, Small
    Alan Lakein
  • Corrie Ten Boom, Small
    Corrie Ten Boom
  • Cato the Younger, Small
    Cato the Younger

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Most popular works

  • Poetry for the People: A Blueprint for the Revolution
    June Jordan
  • Muktadhara by Rabindranath Tagore
    Rabindranath Tagore
  • The College Blue Book by Anthony J. D'Angelo
    The College Blue Book
    Anthony J. D'Angelo
  • The Fan
    Carlo Goldoni
  • Julie, or the New Heloise by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    Julie, or the New Heloise
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  • The Book of Cannibals
    Robert Brault
  • A Patriot for Me
    John Osborne
  • Working with the Law by Raymond Holliwell
    Working with the Law
    Raymond Holliwell
  • Ang pagong at ang matsing
    Jose Rizal
  • The Collector of Treasures and Other Botswana Village Tales
    Bessie Head
  • The Rebel
    Albert Camus
  • Two Loves
    Lord Alfred Douglas
  • Glasow's Gloombusters by Arnold H. Glasow
    Glasow's Gloombusters
    Arnold H. Glasow
  • Prison
    Steven Jesse Bernstein
  • Grow Rich While You Sleep by Ben Sweetland
    Grow Rich While You Sleep
    Ben Sweetland
  • Four Thousand Errors
    Olin Miller
  • Bread, Wine and Salt
    Alden Nowlan
  • Middle Class Blues
    Hans Magnus Enzensberger
  • The Graveyard by the Sea
    Paul Valery
  • All My Friends Are Rich
    Irene Peter
  • Transformations
    Anne Sexton
  • More Unkempt Thoughts
    Stanislaw Lec
  • The Shadow Zone
    Eli Khamarov
  • Begone, Demons
    Saddam Hussein
  • Can't Pay? Won't Pay!
    Dario Fo