50 to 1 (2014)

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A misfit group of New Mexico cowboys find themselves on the journey of a lifetime when they learn their crooked-footed racehorse qualifies to run in the Kentucky Derby. Based on the true story of Mine That Bird, the cowboys must overcome impossible odds even before they reach Churchill Downs and the land of Kentucky's blue bloods.

"50 to 1" is a 2014 drama film directed by Jim Wilson, who is also a co-writer of the film, in addition to Faith Conroy. The movie is influenced by the true story of a group of individuals from New Mexico who discover themselves owning a race horse that defies odds to win the 2009 Kentucky Derby.

Plot Summary
The movie follows the story of an undersized and rather overlooked racehorse named Mine That Bird. When the horse does not carry out well during the first few races, his trainer, Chip Woolley (Skeet Ulrich), and owner, Mark Allen (Christian Kane), do not despair and continue training him in hopes of a better result in future races. To their surprise, Mine That Bird gets picked to contend in the distinguished Kentucky Derby in spite of the 50 to 1 chances versus him.

In addition to their cowboy partners, they start a funny trip to the Kentucky Derby, dealing with a series of incidents and obstacles along the method. This includes dealing with a broken down transport vehicle and chip's unintentional leg fracture. Due to the injury, Chip ends up having to navigate the Derby on crutches.

Upon reaching, they face the hesitation and ridicule of the racing elites. They are considered underdogs compared to the million-dollar racehorses and well-established owners and trainers present at the occasion.

The Kentucky Derby and Victory
Regardless of the odds stacked against them, Woolley, Allen, and jockey Calvin Borel (Tommy Flanagan) decide to push forward and complete in the Derby. In perhaps the most exhilarating part of the film, Mine That Bird, with Borel as his jockey, dashes from behind the pack to win the Derby by a staggering 6 and 3/4 lengths, in what's regarded as one of the most significant upsets in the history of the Derby.

The win brings the group immediate fame, but more significantly, vindication. The success of Mine That Bird represents the triumph of the underdogs, who were ignored and undervalued, however declined to give up.

Critical Reception
While the film received mixed reviews and was not a box-office hit, it was well-known for its portrayal of the real story of determination and resilience. The performances provided by Ulrich, Kane, and Flanagan were appreciated, as was the film's authentic depiction of the racing market.

Part of the attraction of "50 to 1" lies in the reality that it brims with relatable characters who are outsiders in the world they find themselves in, making their journey resonate with viewers. The film also efficiently portrays the classic theme of underdogs getting rid of fantastic chances to emerge triumphant.

"50 to 1" stands as a testimony to decision, resilience and the will to beat the chances, no matter how stacked they might appear against one. It offers an uplifting and empowering narrative that teaches audiences to stay committed to their dreams, even in the face of adversity or frustrating chances.

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