A Crime of Passion (1999)

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When a physician is murdered, his eldest daughter is accused of the crime, but the man's seductive new wife may not be all that she appears.

"A Crime of Passion" is an awesome 1999 tv film based upon the book of the exact same title by Mary Higgins Clark, a distinguished suspense author. Directed by Bill Corcoran, it sets in New York City and informs the story of a home designer who falls under a web of complex relationships, ending up being a suspect in her dear pal's murder.

Main Characters and Plot Development
The protagonist is Frederica 'Freddie' Hamption (Cynthia Gibb), a sophisticated, successful high-end New York City house designer. She focuses on buying homes, rebuilding them into distinct visions of charm, and then offering them for huge revenues.

She is oblivious that her roommate and closest business, Greg Moran (Gordon Currie), is embezzling her riches for his own enjoyment. Greg maintains a secretive affair with Freddie's client, the rich and married Leslie Waring (Jasmine Guy). When Freddie stumbles upon Leslie's lifeless body in a house, she unintentionally ends up being a suspect in the crime.

The Murder and Aftermath
The story heightens when Leslie's partner, Andrew (Tom Butler), a powerful and prominent guy, insists on Freddie's guilt in his spouse's murder. It's a decent setup for a thriller: a murder, a circle of potential suspects with ample intentions, and unlimited twists.

Detective Vigo Cafferty (Stephen McHattie) of the NYPD examines the case and in the beginning, isn't sure if Freddie is innocent either. To her surprise, Greg does not attest her, aggravating the circumstance. Freddie should show her innocence, fighting versus the growing belief of her guilt even by her friends.

The Struggle Towards Truth
Feeling desperate and alone, Freddie depends on her wits to find the real killer. As she dives even more into discovering the reality, she finds out about Greg's embezzlement and his affair with Leslie. Betrayed and in shock, she likewise reveals a surprising twist about Andrew's real relation to the crime.

With the aid of Detective Cafferty, who starts to believe in her innocence, she eventually exposes the individuals behind the crime-- Greg and the supposedly grieving widow, Andrew.

Ultimately, "A Crime of Passion" ends with reality unveiled-- Greg and Andrew had conspired to eliminate Leslie for her fortune, with Greg forging a trail that incriminates Freddie. Their sinister plot is exposed, Greg is killed while attempting to flee, and Andrew is detained.

The film gravitates towards a timeless whodunit story, with a framework of deceit, betrayal, and double-crossing. With the suspense holding till the last moment, the conclusion leaves audiences with a feeling of complete satisfaction.

Despite some defects, like periodic foreseeable plotlines and sometimes shallow characters' advancement, "A Crime of Passion" delivers a strong murder mystery that keeps viewers engaged throughout. The efficiencies are appropriate to the functions, with Cynthia Gibb using a solid anchor as the primary character thrown into an unexpected and unsafe situation. If you are a fan of the murder secret category, this film is a good addition to your watch list.

Top Cast

  • Tracey Gold (small)
    Tracey Gold
    Alyssa Pierce
  • Powers Boothe (small)
    Powers Boothe
    Dr. Ben Pierce
  • Kelly Rowan (small)
    Kelly Rowan
    Marci Elias
  • David Chokachi (small)
    David Chokachi
    Eddie Meredith
  • Rodney Rowland (small)
    Rodney Rowland
    Marci's Ex-Boyfriend
  • Kerrie Keane (small)
    Kerrie Keane
    Blair Worrall
  • Robert Gossett (small)
    Robert Gossett
    Det. Peter Lipton
  • Jessie Gold (small)
    Jessie Gold
    Natalie Pierce
  • Julia Schultz (small)
    Julia Schultz
  • Andrew Stone
  • Jeff Olson