A Father's Choice (2000)

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The fast-paced city life of two sisters is turned upside down when they are sent to live in the country with their father after their mother is killed.

"A Father's Choice" is a drama television movie that aired on CBS in 2000. The movie informs a psychological story about a rough however caring rodeo cowboy who ends up taking care of his 2 young children after their mom is killed. Directed by Christopher Cain, the film stars Peter Strauss, Mary McDonnell, Rachel Ticotin, and Michelle Trachtenberg.

Main Plot
The story focuses on the life of Charlie Norris, a rodeo cowboy portrayed by Peter Strauss. After his ex-wife Susan is extremely assassinated near her house, their two children Kelly and Chris, played by Michelle Trachtenberg and Susan May Pratt respectively, are left without a guardian. The older child, Kelly, is more mature and tries hard to keep things normal for her more youthful sibling Chris.

Initially, the ladies are sent out to cope with their mom's friend, not happy to stick with their dad due to previous estrangements. Nevertheless, due to custody battles, Charlie manages to win the rights for both girls. The story takes a turn as Charlie does his best to amend his methods and be the dad his women desperately need.

Characters Performance
Peter Strauss shines in his function as Charlie Norris, brilliantly portraying a guy attempting to reconcile his past while attempting to fill deep space left by the awful death of his ex-wife for his daughters. Michelle Trachtenberg, as Kelly, gives an extraordinary performance as a young teen forced to grow up much faster than her peers. Susan May Pratt as Chris, convincingly plays the more youthful sibling who is trying to make sense of the trauma. The bond in between the sis and their ultimate affection towards their dad is portrayed wonderfully by the cast.

As the story unfolds, both children come to grips with their new truth and at first display animosity towards their father. Charlie also struggles however remains unfaltering in his intentions to fix his relationship with his children. Despite the preliminary resistance, Charlie's consistent efforts and genuine love for his ladies slowly begin to melt their hearts.

Towards completion of the movie, Kelly, initially the most resistant toward her daddy, is moved by a wholehearted gesture from Charlie that involves selling his prized belongings-- a saddle, to spend for her piano lessons. The climax symbolizes the transformation in their relationship, with the two children starting to accept and enjoy their dad again. The household, when torn apart by catastrophe, discovers a method to move forward and develop a brand-new life together.

"A Father's Choice" is a psychological roller coaster that tugs at the heartstrings of viewers, providing an extreme drama about family worths, redemption, and love. Despite its setting in the world of rodeo, the film handles important problems consisting of disaster, child custody, and strained familial relationships, all while working the theme of parenthood and its essential value. Despite its simplicity, the story's genuine strength lies in the stellar efficiencies and its sincere representation of a daddy's love and decision to secure a much better future for his kids. The motion picture genuinely echoes the belief that it's never ever too late for 2nd possibilities and importantly, a dad's choice to become better for his children.

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