A Genius, Two Friends, and an Idiot (1975)

A Genius, Two Friends, and an Idiot Poster
Original Title: Un genio, due compari, un pollo

Three rogues set out to rob $300,000 from an Indian-hating cavalry major.

"A Genius, Two Friends, and an Idiot" (also called "Un génie, deux associés, une cloche" and "Nobody's the Greatest") is a 1975 spaghetti western funny film directed by Sergio Leone's longtime assistant director Damiano Damiani. The movie stars the popular Italian star Terence Hill, the famous French film star Miou-Miou, and the prominent American character actor Robert Charlebois.

The motion picture features a story of a shrewd and experienced conman who happens to run into two equally witty criminals. Together, they start a daring mission to steal hidden treasure from a well-known bandit. The movie consists of components of both funny and action, producing a satisfying blend of humor and thrilling scenes.

Plot Summary
The film's primary character Joe Thanks (played by Terence Hill) is a petty conman who has actually sharpened his abilities through years of practice. Joe's life takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with a pair of quirky buddies and fellow wrongdoers, steam-engine lover Bill Locomotive (Robert Charlebois) and the sensational Lucy (Miou-Miou).

Joe rapidly understands that Bill and Lucy are far from ordinary, as they too have their eyes set on a large sum of $300,000 in gold concealed away by an infamous outlaw referred to as Major Cabot (played by Patrick McGoohan). Regardless of their initial friction with one another, Joe, Bill, and Lucy choose to team up and utilize their individual expertise to discover and take the hidden treasure.

Character Dynamics and Relationships
As the three mismatched criminals start their shared mission for riches, they form an unusual however efficient bond. Joe's experience as a conman makes him an important property, while Bill's interest for steam-engine technology adds a special advantage to their objective. On the other hand, Lucy's beauty and charm show to be helpful in catching their enemies off guard.

The movie showcases the exploits and challenges faced by these quirky characters, offering an enjoyable mix of humor and experience. Where most western comedies merely focus on the physical and slapstick humor, "A Genius, Two Friends, and an Idiot" profit from its amusing dialogues and entertaining interactions amongst the characters.

Nevertheless, it's not all friendship and friendship, as greed and deceit start to emerge, threatening to unravel their bond simply when they require it the most. Trust ends up being a main theme, as each member of the trio should decide if their newfound relationships can withstand the allure of riches.

Visual Style and Soundtrack
The visual style of the film brings aspects of the traditional spaghetti western genre that Sergio Leone's movies are understood for. Long panning shots throughout the vast desert, and action-packed scenes with dramatic gunfights evoke familiar concepts and nostalgia for fans of the category.

The movie's soundtrack, composed by none other than the famous Ennio Morricone, adds layers of whimsy and fun to the story. His idiosyncratic melodies and hallmark operatic components give the film an unique character and boosts its beauty.

Critical Reception and Legacy
"A Genius, Two Friends, and an Idiot" got combined reviews upon its release. While some critics praised the motion picture's witty humor, entertaining character characteristics, and the unique spin on the western genre, others felt the movie's beauty was inadequate to wait from an often complicated plot and unbalanced pacing.

In spite of these criticisms, the movie has considering that acquired a cult following and is remembered for its amusing characters and pleasurable mix of comedy and action. Integrated with Terence Hill's star power and the legendary talent of Ennio Morricone, "A Genius, Two Friends, and an Idiot" has secured its place as a fascinating example of spaghetti western comedies in cinematic history.

Top Cast

  • Terence Hill (small)
    Terence Hill
    Joe Thanks
  • Miou-Miou (small)
  • Robert Charlebois (small)
    Robert Charlebois
    Bill Locomotiva
  • Patrick McGoohan (small)
    Patrick McGoohan
    Major Cabot
  • Raimund Harmstorf (small)
    Raimund Harmstorf
    Sergeant Milton
  • Piero Vida (small)
    Piero Vida
    Jacky Roll
  • Rik Battaglia (small)
    Rik Battaglia
  • Mario Valgoi (small)
    Mario Valgoi
    Thomas Trader
  • Mario Brega (small)
    Mario Brega
    Coach Driver
  • Jean Martin (small)
    Jean Martin
    Colonel Pembroke
  • Klaus Kinski (small)
    Klaus Kinski
    Doc Foster