A Girl Thing (2001)

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A Girl Thing is a mini-series that revolves around a New York city street, a coffee house and a shrinks office. Dr. Beth Noonan is the therapist to one star per hour. Hour one deals with a woman not capable of having a relationship. Hour Two is about sisters who hate each other, trying to get along one last time. Hour Three is about adultery.

Movie Summary
"A Girl Thing" is a mini-series from 2001 that includes four separate stories linked together by the character of a New York-based psychiatrist, Dr. Beth Noonan, played by Stockard Channing. Directed by Lee Rose, the movie includes an ensemble cast that includes Elle Macpherson, Kate Capshaw, Glenne Headly, and Rebecca De Mornay.

Plot Summary
The four-part miniseries is focused around Dr. Beth Noonan's numerous female patients, each with their own unique stories, battles and injuries.
The first story entitled "God's Equation", is about a stockbroker called Suzanne (Kate Capshaw) who is experiencing memory lapses and hallucinations. With Dr. Noonan's aid, she uncovers quelched memories of a youth tragedy which had actually been affecting her adult life.

In the second story, "Speaking of Sex", Macpherson depicts Lauren, a lady battling with an unsatisfactory marriage who finds herself attracted to Casey Montgomery (Rebecca De Mornay), a female she sees at a bar. The two ladies embark on a weekend trip, resulting in a psychological and sexual exploration.

The third segment, "Falling Uphill", focuses on Kim (Glenne Headly), a lady stuck in a loveless marital relationship who poisons her other half and winds up in prison. She goes through treatment with Dr. Noonan to come to terms with her actions.

Lastly, the fourth episode entitled "Touch Me", sees Dr. Noonan herself struggling to deal with the murder of her teenage patient. She finds solace in the company of a detective on the case, exposing her own vulnerabilities and the disaster of her client's life.

A Unique Approach
"A Girl Thing" sticks out for its episodic format, concentrating on different storylines in each part but connected through the character of Dr. Beth Noonan. This allows an exploration of a range of issues, impacting different ladies, and yet revealing that at the heart of all of it, they come across similar struggles and feelings. The movie discuss issues of sexuality, injury, mental health, criminal offense, and individual relationships.

Crucial Reception
Though it's not without its share of melodrama, "A Girl Thing" is often applauded for its attempt to depict the complexity of ladies's lives through each of its different storylines. The performances, notably Stockard Channing as the compassionate and thoughtful Dr. Noonan, are usually popular.

Each episode brings a different story to life and reveals various elements of womanhood, however it is the character of Dr. Noonan that brings them completely. She represents the voice of reason, understanding and compassion in each story, and by extension, to the viewers.

In summary, "A Girl Thing" is an engaging expedition of various facets of females's lives through unique yet intertwined stories. With an abundant story and memorable performances, it uses an interesting watch that leaves a strong impression about the strength and diversity of females's experiences. The series showcases different ladies dealing with their special problems, however all connected through the compassionate viewpoint of their psychiatrist, making it an enlightening and emotional watching experience.

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