A Happening of Monumental Proportions (2017)

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During the course of one day, a group of students at a school in Los Angeles find themselves caught up in a plot of sex, lies and dead bodies.

"A Happening of Monumental Proportions" is a 2017 American comedy film. This directorial launching of starlet Judy Greer is a star-studded ensemble that focuses on character-driven, interconnected stories, utilizing components of dark humor and social satire. With a screenplay penned by Gary Lundy, the movie stars Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Garner, Common, Allison Janney, Katie Holmes, and others.

Plot and Character Analysis
Set within a day, the film reveals the complex, intertwined narratives of several characters. The story begins at a Los Angeles school, where a career day displays unraveling life-crises of moms and dads and professors, all in subtle culmination. Our main characters, Principal Nichols (Allison Janney) and nice-guy Daniel (Common), both have their own issues to deal with.

Daniel discovers his wife's (Jennifer Garner) cheating, left to fathom how to address it while parenting their lovable yet existentially worried daughter (Storm Reid). His life hits others when he discovers a corpse at his office, plunging the day into bizarre depths.

Meanwhile, Janney navigates the school incorporating eccentric personnel and trainees, consisting of a music teacher (Anders Holm) delivering an inappropriately honest profession day speech, and a quirky upkeep worker (John Cho) facing his task existential crisis.

Tone and Theme
The film preserves a wacky tone throughout, easily flipping between various storylines, each imbued with humor and psychological resonance. It utilizes slapstick and dark irony to highlight the absurdity of modern life, particularly the stress and anxieties surrounding adulthood and parenting.

Themes of ambition, changes, chances, and second-guessing resonate throughout the stories, shown in the issues faced by each character. The film's narrative structure of a day offers a microscopic expedition of these styles and how they affect our heroes.

Critics got the film with blended evaluations. Some hailed it as an amusing, well-acted exploration of modern-day stress and anxieties with good efficiencies, especially from Janney and Common. Others critiqued it for its absence of focus and coherence, given the big ensemble and various stories. The movie was likewise applauded for outstanding cinematography, including a lively credibility to the Los Angeles setting.

In conclusion, "A Happening of Monumental Proportions" is a comedy-drama that offers an intriguing point of view on the complexities of modern life through numerous interconnected narratives within a single day. The film might not constantly hit the ideal notes in regards to coherence and focus, but it still offers a colorful, eccentric cast of characters and a number of moments of amusement, relatability, and authenticity. Whether you value its dark humor and social satire mainly depends on individual taste, but it's undeniable that it uses a special cinematic experience representative of the stress and anxieties and absurdities in our present society.

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