A Man and Two Women (1991)

Original Title: Un homme et deux femmes

The film is a wonderfully accurate portrayal of the three stories: The stories are tied together with original dialogue and scenes by Martha / Anne / Freda / Judith (Valérie Stroh) and René Feret which follow a Golden Notebook/Anna Wulf theme: she is "writing" the stories and has a boyfriend named Paul who is a psychiatrist. A Man and Two Women: Anne, a young woman, a slightly bohemian painter: "in love" with her newborn, she abandons her husband while Isabelle, her best friend, attracted by to him and becomes little by little her rival. Each Other:Fréda finds her brother every morning in the secret of her bedroom,they leave themselves and incestuous effective becomes the only possible relationship for both. Our Friend Judith: Judith, a cold and warm intellectual, secret and complex - Beautiful, Judith is careful not to show it, she knows interment and that is enough. Intelligent, she does not bend to the rules of fashion nor seduction.

"A Man and Two Women" (initial title "Un homme et deux femmes") is a French drama film directed by Valérie Stroh. The motion picture, first premiered in 1991, carefully checks out the dynamics of relationships and human beliefs. The primary characters include Doris (played by Valérie Stroh), Nicolas (played by Lambert Wilson), and Mary-Jane (played by Diane Pierens), whose intertwined relationships move the story.

Doris, a young mom, discovers herself left alone to look after her child due to her hubby's organization journey. Battling with a new sense of solitude, she experiences Nicolas and reveals him immense affection, which he reciprocates. Their progressing relationship shakes the standard monotony of her married life. Over time, their extreme bond appears to surpass her relationship with her hubby, creating a sense of imbalance for Doris.

After sending her boy to Brittany, to be taken care of by her in-laws while her husband is away, Doris relocates with Nicolas, thus establishing a delicate triangle including her husband, her enthusiast, and herself. Nevertheless, complicating this additional is Mary-Jane, a friend of Nicolas, who includes another dimension to Doris's life after moving in with them.

Characters and Relationships
Doris, the main character, discovers herself at a crossroads where she has a hard time to balance her married life and newfound love for somebody else. Her relationship with Nicolas depicts an enthusiastic side of her, contrasted by the regular relationship with her partner. Nicolas, on the other hand, is portrayed as a captivating individual who is likewise puzzled about his feelings towards Doris and Mary-Jane.

Mary-Jane's character becomes strong and independent, offering a contrast to Doris who, previously, had been battling with her newfound self-reliance outside of her marital relationship. The relationship between Doris and Mary-Jane evolves from mere associates to buddies and then to complex situations, including a totally brand-new angle to the story.

The film ends in an open-ended manner, hinting towards the freedom and emancipation of Doris from her feelings of being trapped between her commitments as a spouse and mom, her yearning for Nicolas, and her relationship with Mary-Jane.

"A Man and Two Women" provides an intricate network of human relationships, which focuses on self-discovery and developing emotions. It's a film about love, relationship, and self-liberation in a social setting mostly dominated by standard standards.

The film was well received, gathering gratitude for its exploration of complicated human feelings outside social standards and its portrayal of characters who have a hard time to stabilize these myriad feelings. Valérie Stroh's exceptional direction and storytelling were especially praised, as were her efficiency as Doris and the efficiencies of Lambert Wilson and Diane Pierens. The film was nominated for a Cesar Award, among the highest French acknowledgment for cinema, in the category of "Most Promising Actress".

Top Cast

  • Valérie Stroh (small)
    Valérie Stroh
  • Lambert Wilson (small)
    Lambert Wilson
  • Diane Pierens (small)
    Diane Pierens
  • Olivia Brunaux (small)
    Olivia Brunaux
  • Noémie Stroh
  • Patricia Dinev
  • Yan Epstein (small)
    Yan Epstein
  • Michael Vartan (small)
    Michael Vartan
  • Jean-Yves Berteloot (small)
    Jean-Yves Berteloot
  • Julie Jézéquel (small)
    Julie Jézéquel
  • Clotilde de Bayser (small)
    Clotilde de Bayser