Abandoned Dead (2015)

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A security guard, trapped in a run-down inner-city medical clinic, is terrorized by supernatural forces which threaten to overtake her.

"Abandoned Dead" is a 2015 horror film composed and directed by Mark W. Curran. The film stars Sarah Nicklin, Judith O'Dea, and Carlos Ramirez and is set in a mysterious and eerie medical clinic. The plot focuses on a young woman named Rachel, who has actually been charged with working the night shift at a center that treats clients with drug dependencies and mental health concerns. As Rachel's night progresses, she starts to experience supernatural incidents that eventually lead to a terrifying conflict with the clinic's dark past.

Plot Synopsis
The movie starts with Rachel Burke, a guard and recent graduate in criminal forensics, being designated to work the night shift at an eerie medical center that concentrates on treating drug addicts and clients with mental health conditions. The center was developed to help individuals fighting addiction, with the center's owner, Dr. Thaddeus Mayfield, having an individual connection to the concern as his child overdosed numerous times.

On her first night, Rachel starts experiencing weird events, such as an inexplicable power blackout and strange phone calls without any one answering on the other end of the line. Rachel initially dismisses these odd incidents, however her anxiety grows as she reveals more about the center and its strange and harmful clients, consisting of a lady who had actually witnessed her mother's abuse and suffered trauma. Rachel likewise discovers that her manager, Vicki, has secrets of her own.

As the supernatural occurrences end up being more regular and extreme throughout the night, Rachel begins to believe that she is being haunted by the spirits of the clinic's previous patients-- those who had actually not survived their treatment or had succumbed to their dependencies. Rachel, who is likewise having problem with addiction, ultimately recognizes that she has been put on the night shift to face her own inner satanic forces together with those of the center's past patients.

Rachel quickly comes across a scary trick-- the agitated spirits of the clinic's deceased patients have actually been bound to the structure, unable to find peace. As Rachel faces the ghosts of the center's scary past, she comes across Grace, a previous client of Dr. Mayfield's. Grace had been not successful on several celebrations in her efforts to stop her drug dependency and unfortunately died of an overdose.

Climax and Resolution
As Rachel works to uncover the fact behind the center's past, Grace's spirit ends up being increasingly malevolent and protective of the other restless spirits within the center. Driven by her own sense of revenge towards Dr. Mayfield for not being able to save her life, Grace's spirit quickly ends up being the movie's antagonist, determined to prevent the center's spirits from finding peace.

In the climactic fight, Rachel is required to face not only Grace's sinister spirit but her own inner devils, her worry of relapsing, and the regret related to her past drug addiction. Through this conflict, Rachel manages to overcome her worries and regret, and in doing so, discovers the strength to assist the restless spirits of the clinic discover the peace they were desperately looking for.

The movie concludes with Rachel resigning from her security task, realizing that challenging her own satanic forces and assisting others was more crucial than her expert goals. The clinic, no longer haunted by the agitated spirits of the past, can finally continue with its mission to help those in requirement.

"Abandoned Dead" is a chilling horror film that explores themes of dependency, regret, and redemption. Through the main character's journey to confront her own worries while uncovering the center's dark past, the movie encourages viewers to face their inner devils and look for help when essential. With its suspenseful pacing and appealing plot twists, "Abandoned Dead" is a gripping and haunting movie that successfully combines horror and psychology.

Top Cast

  • Judith O'Dea (small)
    Judith O'Dea
    Doctor Pamela Myers
  • Sarah Nicklin
    Rachel Burke
  • Hannah Johnson
    Young Rachel Burke
  • Stacy Snyder
    Anna Logan
  • Carlos Ramirez
    Detective Phillip Haggis
  • Ivan Adame
    Stranger in Street
  • Robert E. Wilhelm
    Doctor Thaddeus Mayfield
  • Christopher Parker
    Hank Simms