Action of the Tiger (1957)

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A woman hires soldier-of-fortune Carson to smuggle her into Albania by way of Greece. Their trouble is just beginning when they get there.

Film Overview
"Action of the Tiger" is a 1957 thriller/adventure film directed by Terence Young. The movie script was written by Robert Carson and based upon the unique by James Wellard. The film features stars like Van Johnson, Martine Carol, and Herbert Lom. The motion picture was recorded on area in Spain, which offered a spectacular backdrop to the extreme and gripping plot that played out. "Action of the Tiger" is a movie that combines action, experience, and drama in a magnificently woven story that keeps its audience hooked.

Plot Summary
The movie's story is concentrated on Carson (Van Johnson), an American salvage trader based in Greece. Known for his courageous and unconventional approach to his work, he is soon approached by a desperate lady, Tracy (Martine Carol). She reveals that her bro is caught behind the Iron Curtain in Albania and pleads for Carson to help smuggle him out. Carson accepts undertake the highly risky job, swayed by both the prospective monetary reward and Tracy's appeal.

Significant Events
In their mission, they are accompanied by a motley team, including a shell-shocked war veteran, a former fighter, and an unreliable smuggler. Their characters introduce aspects of thriller, unpredictability, and danger to the story. The group deals with many obstacles, from unsafe terrains to conflicts within the group and encounters with opponent forces.

As they journey through Albania, it becomes apparent that Tracy and her brother are not simply innocent civilians but members of an international arms smuggling ring that provides unlawful arms to around the world revolutionaries. Tracy's brother is held captive by the resistance forces who are mad at being duped by the group.

After a lot of suspenseful scenarios, internal disputes and external dangers, Carson and the group manage to complimentary Tracy's sibling. The group faces an extreme battle versus the heavily armed resistance fighters however emerge victorious due to their bravery, shrewd technique, and Carson's leadership. Nevertheless, the treacherous journey leads to the death of numerous of their employee.

The movie concludes with Carson back in Greece, deciding to let Tracy and her sibling escape regardless of understanding their real intentions. He receives a large amount of cash, having completed the mission however has actually also ended up being disillusioned with their intentions. The movie ends leaving an imprint of a tale of exhilarating adventure, betrayal, and unsafe plots versus the backdrop of a fascinating smuggling experience.

Acting and Cinematography
Van Johnson delivers a gripping efficiency as the leading male, highlighting the character of Carson's bluntness efficiently. Martine Carol as Tracy plays the sly and sneaky character convincingly, subtly depicting the complex combination of appeal, secrecy, and treachery. Herbert Lom offers an amazing efficiency revealing the distressing results of war on an individual.

"Action of the Tiger" is well-executed in terms of visual results and cinematography. The areas, settings, and surrounding landscapes include depth and strength to the narrative, thus boosting the total cinematic experience. The dramatic effects and background score integrate well with the pace and state of mind of the movie, thus developing a fascinating cinematic experience.

Top Cast

  • Van Johnson (small)
    Van Johnson
  • Martine Carol (small)
    Martine Carol
    Tracy Malvoisie
  • Herbert Lom (small)
    Herbert Lom
    Trifon, Albania Bandit
  • Gustavo Rojo (small)
    Gustavo Rojo
    Henri Malvoisie
  • José Nieto (small)
    José Nieto
    Kol Stendho
  • Helen Haye (small)
    Helen Haye
    Countess Valona
  • Anna Gerber
    Mara Valona
  • Anthony Dawson (small)
    Anthony Dawson
    Security Officer
  • Sean Connery (small)
    Sean Connery
  • Yvonne Romain (small)
    Yvonne Romain
  • Norman MacOwan (small)
    Norman MacOwan