Alexander The Great (1968)

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An historical film that follows the life of Alexander the Great, the Macedonian king that united all ancient Greek tribes and led them against the vast Persian Empire. Alexander conquered most of the then-known world and created a Greek empire that spanned all the way from the Balkans to India.

Film Overview
The 1968 movie "Alexander The Great" is a historic drama directed by Phil Karlson and partly based on the life of the famous Greek conqueror, Alexander the Great. William Shatner depicted the role of Alexander, while the cast also consisted of Adam West and John Cassavetes. The film was highly ambitious in its scope, attempting to encapsively depict the breadth of Alexander's conquests and his improvement into a famous figure.

Plot Summary
The film begins by presenting Alexander as the young King of Macedonia, who succeeded his daddy Philip II after his assassination. His mom, Olympias, played by Ziva Rodann, is portrayed as a manipulative figure constantly stiring Alexander's ambitions.

Right away after his ascension to the throne, Alexander begins his well-known conquest, with Persia being his primary target. Employing superior methods and a loyal, well-trained army, he cuts a swathe through Persia, beating its King Darius III in numerous battles. Along his many victories, his right-hand male, Cleander, played by Joseph Cotten, always supports him.

Simultaneously, the film looks into Alexander's personal life. His relationships with his buddy, Hephaestion (John Cassavetes), his wife Roxana (Rhonda Fleming) and his mom Olympias are checked out, in addition to the political machinations and resultant stress these relationships prompt.

Key Themes
"Alexander The Great" concentrates on the duality of power - exhilarating yet damaging. While the conqueror's victories collect him an empire stretching from the Greek cities to Egypt and part of India, his ruthless aspiration and neglect for the human cost of his conquests slowly leads him to seclusion and despair.

The film likewise explores the individual cost of Alexander's drive for power. As his aspiration for conquest goes unchecked, he loses his closest buddy Hephaestion to death while his marriage to Roxana becomes strained and unpredictable, leaving him progressively alone at the zenith of his power. Moreover, the constant political computing by his mother just deepens his internal disputes.

Film Reception
The movie faced criticism for its historic errors, dramatic reimagining of certain events, and oversimplified portrayal of intricate historic figures. Nevertheless, the efficiencies, especially from Shatner and Cassavetes, were commended for their emotional depth. Though it was not a smash hit, the film offered a remarkable spectacle in its large-scale fight scenes, complemented by majestic set designs and cinematography that fully caught the age's grandeur.

To summarize, the 1968 movie "Alexander The Great" uses a dramatized expedition of the legendary figure's life and conquests. Despite numerous historical liberties, it presents a fascinating take a look at the relentless aspiration and individual disputes of among history's most prominent characters.

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