All I Want for Christmas (1991)

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Siblings Ethan and Hallie O'Fallon plot to get their divorced parents back together in time for Christmas.

Film Overview
"All I Want for Christmas" is a family-friendly, romantic funny motion picture released in 1991. Directed by Robert Lieberman, the film stars Harley Jane Kozak, Jamey Sheridan, Ethan Embry, and Thora Birch. The storyline focuses on 2 young siblings intending to bring their divorced moms and dads back together for Christmas.

The film is embeded in New York City, during the joyful season of Christmas. It primarily focuses on the lives of the Armstrong household, comprising of Catherine, Michael, and their kids Ethan and Hallie. The moms and dads have actually separated yet attempt to hide their stretched relations from their young daughter, Hallie.

When Hallie understands the reality, she creates a strategy to reunite her parents. With faith in Santa Claus, she longs for her parents to reconcile their distinctions and reunite. She ardently believes that if she busily wishes her parents return together, her wish will be given.

The Plan
Catherine is dating a stiff banker named Tony, whom the children do not feel a connection with. Hallie conspires with Ethan to bring their parents back together, so they do not have to deal with step-parents. They brainstorm concepts and lastly choose to lock Tony in a toy shop and make Catherine believe that Tony has actually left her on Christmas Eve.

Their plan's last objective is to orchestrate a surprise reunion between their moms and dads on Christmas early morning. They believe that by awakening alone on Christmas, Catherine would connect to Michael to spend time with the household, rekindling their original flame.

The kids's plan works, with a few hiccups. Catherine and Michael begin succumbing to each other again, and Tony understands that Catherine still loves Michael. Problems emerge as Tony gets launched accidentally, but Hallie handles to encourage him that Catherine and Michael are indicated for each other.

In the end, Catherine and Michael reconcile and commemorate Christmas together as a happy family. The movie concludes with the heartfelt sight of the moms and dads sharing a kiss under the mistletoe, filling the atmosphere with love and joy, attributing to Hallie's innocent and persistent dream.

Critical Acclaim
"All I Want for Christmas" got mixed reviews from critics however was significantly valued by audiences for its heartfelt story, capitivating performances, and the spirit of Christmas incorporated within it. The movie prospered both domestically and globally, marking it as a popular holiday classic.

The film produces the magic of Christmas by clearly revealing the faith and innocence of a kid's belief in miracles, specifically around the joyful season. It holds a heartfelt message that love and togetherness can overcome any differences, hence it ended up being a loved Christmas films for households due to its wholesome and delighted ending.

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