Almost Heroes (1998)

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Two hapless explorers lead an ill-fated 1804 expedition through the Pacific Northwest in a hopeless, doomed effort to reach the Pacific Ocean before Lewis and Clark.

Introduction to Almost Heroes
"Almost Heroes" is a 1998 American adventure comedy movie directed by Christopher Guest. The movie stars Chris Farley in his last part before his death in 1997 and co-stars Matthew Perry. Set in the early 19th century, the movie provides an imaginary and amusing take on the famous race to the Pacific in between rival explorers Lewis and Clark and the inefficient group of Bartholomew Hunt (Farley) and Leslie Edwards (Perry).

Main Characters and Setting
The story follows the comically inept yet figured out explorer Leslie Edwards, a man of sophistication and implies, who decides to install an expedition to beat Lewis and Clark to the Pacific Ocean. To attain this accomplishment, Edwards recruits Bartholomew Hunt, a competent tracker with a substantial Achilles' heel-- he's an inebriated and promiscuous mountain male with doubtful leadership skills. Together, with an oddball crew, they embark on a journey filled with funny misadventures.

Plot and Misadventures
The motion picture opens with Edwards looking for the right pathfinder to lead the exploration. When he discovers Hunt, he is initially in a sticky scenario-- literally-- being tarred and feathered. In spite of his doubtful state, Edwards hires him and they assemble a motley crew, including a crew of misfits like Bidwell, who manages to lose his ear early on, and the strongly suspicious Hidalgo bros.

As Hunt's crew treks throughout uncharted American wilderness, they deal with various obstacles and encounters, often verging on the outrageous. They combat starvation, hostile Native Americans, a Spanish conquistador still looking for the Fountain of Youth, and their own ineptitude. One especially remarkable scene includes an eagle taking the exploration's lap dog, resulting in a ludicrous series where Hunt desperately tries to wait.

Their journey is a series of blunders, from taking in doubtful local delicacies to unusual approaches of wilderness survival. The film has a general slapstick tone, and a story that parodies the concept of early American frontier exploration, using Farley's physical comedy bone and Perry's propensity for playing the exasperated, straight-man function.

Styles and Humor Style
In spite of being a funny, "Almost Heroes" does provide some hidden themes about ambition, perseverance, and the frequently overlooked people in history who also add to grand undertakings, albeit in a less than glamorous fashion. It's a lighthearted poke at historic epics, offering an underdog story where the characters keep striving against absurd barriers.

The humor of "Almost Heroes" is distinctly '90s, relying greatly on Chris Farley's physical comedy and a cast of characters that would not run out location in a Mel Brooks film. The jokes vary from smart wordplay and anachronistic language to pure slapstick and situational comedy.

Reception and Legacy
The critical reception of "Almost Heroes" at the time of its release was mostly negative, and the movie carried out improperly at package office. However, throughout the years, it has garnered a cult following largely due to Farley's efficiency and its status as his last starring role. Fans of Farley's funny and those with a fondness for unreasonable satires of historical events have actually kept the memory of "Almost Heroes" alive in the annals of comical movie tradition.

In conclusion, "Almost Heroes" is a film that provides the story of America's westbound exploration in an amusing and often absurd light. It leans greatly on its stars' comedic skills to deliver a succession of gags and pratfalls set against the backdrop of a pivotal moment in American history. While it might not have earned important honor, the film continues to amuse audiences looking for a light-hearted romp through the untamed wilderness of both America and historic funny.

Top Cast

  • Chris Farley (small)
    Chris Farley
    Bartholomew Hunt
  • Matthew Perry (small)
    Matthew Perry
    Leslie Edwards
  • Bokeem Woodbine (small)
    Bokeem Woodbine
  • Barry Del Sherman (small)
    Barry Del Sherman
  • Eugene Levy (small)
    Eugene Levy
    Guy Fontenot
  • Lisa Barbuscia (small)
    Lisa Barbuscia
  • Christian Clemenson (small)
    Christian Clemenson
    Father Girard
  • Patrick Cranshaw (small)
    Patrick Cranshaw
  • Jonathan Joss (small)
    Jonathan Joss
    Bent Twig
  • Gregory Cruz (small)
    Gregory Cruz
    Iowa Indian
  • Don Lake (small)
    Don Lake