An Eight Is Enough Wedding (1989)

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This second made-for-television reunion film finds eldest son David on the brink of marriage to a divorcee. However, some of his sisters would prefer to see a reunion with his ex-wife Janet.

General Overview
"An Eight Is Enough Wedding" is a 1989 American television movie directed by Harry Harris. The film, which was aired on NBC, functions as a reunion film and an extension of the 1977-1981 drama series, "Eight Is Enough". The precious Bradford household, initially introduced on ABC, comes together again to prepare a remarkable wedding celebration.

Main Plot
The story of "An Eight Is Enough Wedding" revolves around the expected weddings of the eldest Bradford kid, David (played by Grant Goodeve), and his fiancée Janet (played by Adrienne Barbeau). The film catches the essence of the household's characteristics, emotions and numerous difficulties as they come together to organize their first family wedding.

Getting ready for David's grand wedding turns out to be a roller-coaster journey filled with humorous incidents, nostalgic moments and familial disputes. The mayhem and hilarity of the situation just increase as all the siblings return to their Sacramento home, each carrying their own individual problems and experiences.

Subplots And Supporting Characters
The motion picture does not only focus on David and Janet however likewise shares significant screen area for the rest of the Bradford siblings. The film skillfully intertwines different subplots and side stories involving other Bradford family members and their lives, making it a well-rounded drama.

Mary (played by Lani O'Grady), who is a medical professional in San Francisco, also ends up being a considerable character when she comes across psychological problems with her artist boyfriend, Jeremy (Michael Thoma), since of their conflicting professional commitments.

Joanie (Laurie Walters), on the other hand, is attempting to balance her writing profession with motherhood. Susan (Susan Richardson) has her hubby, Merle "The Pearl" Stockwell (Brian Patrick Clarke), who is an expert baseball gamer dealing with early retirement.

Despite the chaos, the Bradford family unites and rallies themselves together to manage David and Janet's wedding. The much-anticipated wedding brings laughter, tears, drama and above all, reaffirms the imperturbable bond the Bradfords share. The finale reaffirms their family unity and strength they bring in spite of the obstacles and dramas they face individually or as a household.

General Impression
"An Eight Is Enough Wedding" captures the essence of the initial TV series, filled with humor, drama, and warmth that makes the Bradford household so capitivating to viewers. It is wonderful to enjoy as the story is filled with sentimental worth, accurately depicting the lives of a big, chaotic however loving household that constantly has each other's back no matter what. This reunion wedding event is certainly one to remember, not just for the Bradfords, however for all fans of the initial series and household dramas in general. The movie tends to strike a chord with audiences, old and new, with its core themes of love, unity, and familial bonds.

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