And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird! (1991)

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Original Title: And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird

Two boys follow in their late fathers foot steps by inventing weird and wonderful gadgets. Trouble lies ahead when after a halloween party the spirit of their father ends up in the latest invention, a robot.

Film Overview
"And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird!" is a 1991 funny and family movie directed by Tony Cookson. The main protagonists are two teen boys who lost their father, Mitchell, a brilliant inventor, depicted by John Quade, to a cardiovascular disease. The siblings, Max (Joshua Miller) and Sam (Michael Gandolfini), acquire their father's ingenuity and continue developing a household robotic called "Newman" as a science job.

Plot and Characterization
Max is a kid prodigy who is good at crafting technology, while Sam possesses exceptional service acumen. They forge ahead in building a service robot, Newman, who can not only make breakfast and wash dishes, however likewise play basketball and perform other functions. While Newman starts off as an effort towards a science task, both brothers quickly intend to put him into mass production to assist fix their mom, Sarah (Marcia Strassman)'s, financial problems. Sarah has a hard time to fend for her young boys alone after Mitchell's death.

Nevertheless, they face problem from a dishonest toy manufacturer, Walter Kotzwinkle (Alan Thicke), who attempts to steal their creation. Sarah likewise gets romantically involved with a sly Walt with no idea about Walter's suspicious character, escalating the obstacles for Max and Sam. The joint mission of the bros ends up being to thwart Walter's strategy and save their mother from him.

The Supernatural Twist
An unforeseen twist takes place. Max carries out a séance to connect with his father, Mitchell, utilizing Newman and some products from his daddy's old laboratory. The messed up effort leads to their dad's spirit being inadvertently trapped in the robot Newman. The robot, now quasi-animated by their late father Mitchell's spirit, becomes a vital ally in the boys' attempts to foil Walter's devious strategies.

Light-Hearted Humor
The humor in "And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird!" is especially notable, with Mitchell attempting to adjust to his brand-new robotic body resulting in several funny scenarios. Laughs also ensue from the robot father's efforts to maneuver around your home and interact with the numerous characters in the movie, consisting of item of Walter's hard-nosed organization persona.

Conclusion: A Happy Ending
The climax of the film revolves around a grand exhibition of the robotic's abilities that Max and Sam strategy, in order to impress prospective financiers and generate income to conserve their house. Walter, identified to undermine their strategies and take the robotic, wreaks havoc, however Newman's autonomous actions, guided by the spirit of Mitchell, thwart Walter's strategy. The climax likewise includes Newman assisting to expose Walter's scams to Sarah. In the end, the movie concludes happily with Max and Sam prospering in their goals, and the spirit of their daddy lastly finding peace.

"And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird!" combines themes of innovation, adolescent adjustment, a supernatural twist, and light-hearted humor to create a heart-warming, delightful movie similar to the innocence and beauty of the early 1990s.

Top Cast

  • Marcia Strassman (small)
    Marcia Strassman
    Sarah Carson
  • Joshua John Miller (small)
    Joshua John Miller
    Josh Carson
  • Edan Gross (small)
    Edan Gross
    Max Carson
  • John Quade (small)
    John Quade
    Walter Kotzwinkle
  • Sam Behrens (small)
    Sam Behrens
    Steve Franklin
  • Alan Thicke (small)
    Alan Thicke
    Matthew Carson / Newman (voice)
  • Susan Gibney (small)
    Susan Gibney
    Alice Woods
  • Gustav Vintas (small)
    Gustav Vintas
  • A.J. Langer (small)
    A.J. Langer
    Beth Allen
  • Bill Smillie
    Henry Kilbrandt