Animalympics (1980)

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Animalympics is all about the Animal Olympics Contest where all the animals around the world gather to take part in everything from skiing in North America to the very long marathon race in humid conditions.

Film Overview
"Animalympics" is a 1980 animated movie directed by Steven Lisberger, who later on directed Disney's TRON. The movie, which was initially produced as 2 television specials for NBC to celebrate the 1980 Summer and Winter Olympic Games, was later on merged into a single film. "Animalympics" clearly brings the spirit of the Olympics into the animal kingdom, using comedy and wit quality of the era.

The movie includes voice acting talents of Billy Crystal, Gilda Radner, and Harry Shearer, popular figures in the industry. Unlike standard animation movies, "Animalympics" is noteworthy for its lack of a contiguously direct story, instead structured like a series of tv broadcasts covering different sporting events.

Plot & Characters
"Animalympics" use a huge selection of animal characters competing in parodied Olympics video games as its essential protagonists. This feature enables adequate space for situational humor and character gags.

Among the central characters, Barbara Warblers, a press reporter bird from 'Zoo', portrays the function of a media personality offering an up-close insight into the athlete's lives. It checks out charismatic characters like Rene Fromage, the goat figure skater with an extreme love for ice-dancer Dorrie Turnell, the gregarious bolshy Bolt Jenkins, and Kurt Wuffner, the determined German Shepherd ski jumper.

Art & Sound
The movie is a parade of artistry in animation, showcasing the application of new technology and unique 80's designs. It shows diverse animation and design styles, from the art deco settings of Rene Fromage's figure skating regimens to the psychedelic track and field occasions. The vibrant and imaginative animation portrayed the range and vitality of the Olympic games.

The movie is also applauded for its engaging soundtrack. It includes initial tunes made up by Graham Gouldman, and a rating performed by the London Symphony Orchestra; with tunes mapping across multiple genres from pop, reggae to funk.

Crucial Reception
The film's imaginative storytelling using 'sports broadcast' format, witty humor, and vibrant animation designs amassed gratitude. Nevertheless, the absence of a traditional narrative and some outdated aspects led to mixed critiques. The film has actually gotten legacy status for being a quirky representation of the era with remarkable characters and events.

Cultural Impact
Despite its limited industrial success, "Animalympics" has actually become a cult favorite throughout the years. It provided a platform for various entertainers and artists who later made significant contributions to American popular culture, like the voice stars: Billy Crystal and Gilda Radner and its director, Steven Lisberger.

It was one of the early animated films to humanize its characters, influencing the anthropomorphic style popular in modern animation. Recognized for its novelty and technological experiments, its innovative ideas paved way for comparable storytelling endeavors in animation genre.

In conclusion, "Animalympics" is an artful, lively, and creative pastiche of the Olympic Games. The humor, creativity, and nostalgia evoked by the film continues to endear it to its audience, four decades after its release.

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