Armed and Dangerous (1986)

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After policeman Frank Dooley is framed for theft and loses his job on the force, he joins a security guard agency and teams up with inept former defense lawyer Norman Kane. When the two botch a job guarding a local warehouse, they begin to uncover corruption within the company and their union.

"Armed and Dangerous" is a 1986 American action-comedy film directed by Mark L. Lester and starring John Sweet, Eugene Levy, and Meg Ryan. This movie follows the story of 2 out-of-work guards who join a personal security company and eventually expose a multi-million-dollar theft operation, showing their worth and redeeming their reputation.

Plot Summary
Frank Dooley (John Candy) is a Los Angeles police officer who is wrongly accused of theft and loses his task. Meanwhile, Norman Kane (Eugene Levy) is a legal representative who is disbarred after failing to avoid a customer from kidnapping his own better half. With their professions in disarray, they both struggle to find brand-new employment, eventually landing tasks as security personnel at a business called Guard Dog Security. Unbeknownst to them, Guard Dog Security is a front for an enormous embezzlement plan orchestrated by its corrupt owner, Michael Carlino, and his henchmen.

As Dooley and Kane begin their new jobs, they are initially unaware of the criminal activities going on behind the scenes. They receive inadequate training and are appointed to patrol a storage facility owned by Guard Dog. Thanks to their bumbling methods, the warehouse is robbed, and they get suspended from their tasks. While on suspension, Dooley and Kane fulfill and befriend a fellow Guard Dog worker, Maggie Cavanaugh (Meg Ryan), who enlightens them about the company's dubious operations.

Investigation and Discovery of the Embezzlement Scheme
Figured out to clear their names and expose the fact, Dooley, Kane, and Maggie decide to look into Guard Dog's prohibited activities further. They start an investigation and ultimately reveal Michael Carlino's embezzlement plan, which involves taking shipments from their customers - often high-value electronics - and utilizing Guard Dog Security as a cover to launder the money from sales of these stolen goods.

As part of their examination, Dooley and Kane penetrate the residential or commercial property of one of Carlino's high-end customers to plant a hidden cam. While there, they cross courses with a crime lord called "The Cowboy" who is secretly working with Carlino to buy the taken deliveries. A series of comedic incidents ensue, but the duo handles to leave, unaware that they have just discovered an essential piece of evidence.

Exposing the Truth and Climactic Showdown
Armed with the proof they've collected, Dooley, Kane, and Maggie devise a plan to expose Carlino and his criminal partners. They tape their prohibited activities and established a meeting with numerous law enforcement agencies to present their findings. Before the meeting, however, they are intercepted by Carlino and his henchmen, who try to silence them permanently.

In a climactic showdown, Dooley, Kane, and Maggie outsmart and incapacitate Carlino's henchmen, and Carlino is eventually jailed. Their evidence is turned over to the authorities, exposing the embezzlement plan and linking a number of popular police officials involved in the corruption.

Conclusion and Redemption
The movie ends with Dooley and Kane being publicly cleared of any wrongdoing and hailed as heroes for their efforts in reducing the corrupt Guard Dog Security operation. With their track records brought back, Dooley goes back to the police while Kane starts his own private investigation company, and Maggie joins him as a partner. They remain pals, bound together by their shared experiences and newly found respect for each other.

While "Armed and Dangerous" is a lighthearted funny with plenty of laughs, it likewise uses an intriguing commentary on corruption within law enforcement and the personal security industry. At its core, it is a story of redemption and the value of standing up for what is right, even when it comes at terrific personal risk.

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