Asking For It (2020)

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A journalist takes justice into her own hands when her internet stalker walks free from the law.

"Asking For It" is an American drama movie that debuted in 2020, directed by Eamon O'Rourke. The film focuses on gender equality, women's rights, and social justice problems, focusing particularly on the fight against sexual assault and harassment. Boasting a female-dominated storyline and cast, this movie aims to eliminate the stigma surrounding victims of attack and stimulate a discussion about the support they lack.

Plot Summary
The story follows the life of Joey, a storekeeper living in a small town, who aspires for more experience out of life. She befriends numerous marginalized ladies, particularly Sal, Regina, and Beatrice. Sal is a punk vocalist, outspoken and courageous, while Beatrice is an artist and sexual attack victim handling psychological trauma. Regina is an ex-convict, having a hard time to reintegrate into society, and Lana is a sex worker dealing with her individual battles.

These ladies form the Cherry Bombers, a vigilante gang that combats to protect females from sexual attack and teach men about the repercussions of their misdeeds, bringing justice to the victims of these criminal activities. The story henceforth focuses on their journey, highlighting societal stereotypes and their efforts to fight versus them.

The movie is a vibrant portrayal of the fight against sexual assault and harassment, highlighting the strength in unity that ladies possess. This essence appears through the development of the Cherry Bombers, who withstand deliver justice when the legal system stops working to do so.

Characters and Performances
Kiersey Clemons provides a skilful efficiency as Joey, demonstrating powerful expressions as a lady searching for more in life. The character of Sal, played by Vanessa Hudgens, is likewise notable, exhibiting fierceness and decision that influence the team. Regina, played by Alexandra Shipp, projects the struggle and willpower of an ex-convict trying to find her location in society, whereas Radha Mitchell provides a strong performance as Lana. The characters are strong, each projecting special traits that add to the dynamic of the self-created vigilante group.

Direction and Script
Eamon O'Rourke has actually done a commendable task in directing a movie of this category, explicitly showing the strong and brave aspects of female characters that challenge society's norms. The screenplay is praiseworthy in its approach to illustrating women as empowered individuals instead of victims. The script effectively conveys the message of support, unity, and justice.

Vital Reception
"Asking For It" has actually provoked strong responses among the audience and critics alike. Some admired its message about the significance of attending to sexual attack and victim empowerment, and praised its focus on females fighting back. However, others perceived the movie's vigilante justice approach as questionable, and found its representation of masculinity polarizing.

In general, "Asking For It" functions as a declaration piece versus sexual assault, showcasing the value of females standing unified against abuse. In spite of its controversial components, the movie motivates a vital conversation on the existing societal standards on the concern of sexual violence. Its empathetic representation of the discomfort and scars borne by victims, linked with the irreversible spirit of women resisting, leaves a profound impact.

Top Cast

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    Janeane Garofalo
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    Stephanie Hsu
  • Colin Burgess (small)
    Colin Burgess
  • Irene Morales
  • Kim Taff
  • Matthew Van Oss
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    Hallie Haas
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