Ava (2020)

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A black ops assassin is forced to fight for her own survival after a job goes dangerously wrong.

"Ava" is a 2020 American action thriller movie directed by Tate Taylor and written by Matthew Newton. The film stars Jessica Chastain in the lead role along with John Malkovich, Colin Farrell, Geena Davis, Ioan Gruffudd, and Common. The film focuses on the life of an expert assassin, Ava Faulkner, who is forced to combat for her survival when a high-risk job goes awry.

Plot Development
Ava is an elite assassin who works for a high-end, effective, and darkly mysterious company. She travels around the globe and concentrates on prominent assassinations. Ava has a troubled past, an inefficient household, and is recovering from substance abuse. Despite excelling at her task, Ava's individual life remains in shambles due to her estranged relationship with her mother and sister, and an ex-fiancé who is now dating her sis.

During an unsafe mission in Saudi Arabia, Ava breaks procedure by asking her target the factor for his impending death. The mission goes awry, leading to the doubts of Ava's stability and credibility. Her handler and mentor Duke, played by John Malkovich, protects her however his superiors, including Simon (Colin Farrell), see Ava as a liability. Simon not only means to 'close' Ava however also prepares to get rid of Duke for his insubordination.

Towards the Climax
When a hit fails, Ava is required to return home to Boston, reuniting with her separated family. On another task in Boston, she is assaulted by a fellow operative however ultimately overpowers and kills him. Recognizing she's been established by her own company, Ava faces Duke, who admits he was bought to eliminate her.

In parallel, Ava's personal life even more degrades when her sister exposes her relationship with Ava's ex-fiancé, resulting in Ava falling back into her old practices of drink and drugs. This psychological spiraling forces Ava to eliminate her inner satanic forces while at the same time dealing with the increasing havoc in her professional life.

The Conclusion
Duke is eliminated by Simon, intensifying the dispute. In her mission for revenge, Ava confronts Simon and his daughter throughout a gala. Following a thrilling action sequence, Ava handles to kill Simon. She manages to leave from the mayhem however not without getting shot.

The movie concludes leaving Ava's fate open-ended. She is last seen leaving Boston, leaving her household and an old life, prepared to vanish once again. However, the audience is left with the insinuation that Ava's battle isn't over and there may be more to her story.

Total Review
"Ava" is a gritty action thriller that follows the well-trodden path of professional killers grappling with inner chaos and external dangers. Jessica Chastain delivers an effective performance as Ava, completely catching the battle of a woman battling on all fronts. The film hits all the marks of an action thriller with its extreme fight series and significant storyline, although the plot may feel rather familiar to frequent genre viewers. Regardless of the familiarity, the execution and performances are commendable, developing a suspenseful and climactic narrative that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

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