Backtrack! (1969)

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Sent to Mexico to buy a bull, a Wyoming cowhand (Doug McClure) teams up with three Texas Rangers to solve a robbery/murder.

Backtrack Overview
"Backtrack!" is an American Western movie launched in 1969 directed by Earl Bellamy. The film starred popular stars of the time consisting of Doug McClure, Neville Brand, and James Drury. This blend of action, drama, experience, and love was based upon the popular television series, The Virginian.

Premise of the Film
The story of "Backtrack!" revolves around the character of Deputy Sheriff "Tate Kimbrough" (Doug McClure). Kimbrough is assigned to extradite prisoner "Frank Brand" (Neville Brand), an outlaw who handled to escape from jail and must now be reminded Texas to deal with justice. During his mission to record and extradite the gotten away found guilty, Kimbrough faces numerous challenges and unanticipated twists which set the tone for the whole film.

Main Characters and Development
The movie showcases a deep and intricate character advancement of Deputy Sheriff "Tate Kimbrough". Doug McClure offers an exceptional efficiency playing a tormented soul who, despite his regret and is sorry for, remains determined to fulfill his task and mission. His character shows real grit and durability in the face of dangerous chances.

Neville Brand, playing the role of the wanted criminal "Frank Brand," does an equally excellent task depicting a remorseless bad guy who is desperate to get away from the clutches of justice. His show of ruthlessness and cunningness adds an exhilarating aspect to the film.

Plot Twists and Advancements
The mission takes a fascinating turn when Kimbrough falls for "Janice May Carr" (Jill Townsend), the daughter of a rancher from whom Brand has stolen. This romantic element instigates a severe conflict within Kimbrough's character, testing his commitment and loyalty to his duty and honor towards order.

Another significant twist come when it ends up that Brand had been framed for the crime. The film ends with a resolution where Kimbrough, having actually found out the fact, confronts and beats the real culprits, making sure justice for Brand and keeping law and order.

Conclusion and Reception of Backtrack!
The climax of "Backtrack!" arrives when Kimbrough has to battle against numerous chances to guarantee justice is served. The intertwining of pathos, drama, action, and romance keeps the audience glued to their seats. The supreme triumph of justice makes the movie end on a favorable note.

On its release, "Backtrack!" drew combined reviews from viewers and critics. In spite of certain plot restrictions and predictability, the movie was applauded for its slick instructions, engaging efficiencies, and engaging action sequences. The motion picture gradually gained a cult status among fans of the Western category due to its special mix of romance, experience, and drama.

In conclusion, "Backtrack!" is a film worth expecting its fascinating story, unforgettable efficiencies, and stunning cinematography. It appropriately portrays components of the traditional American Western culture, making it an ageless piece of movie theater.

Top Cast

  • Neville Brand (small)
    Neville Brand
    Texas Ranger Reese Bennett (archive footage)
  • James Drury (small)
    James Drury
    Ramrod (archive footage)
  • Doug McClure (small)
    Doug McClure
    Trampas (archive footage)
  • Peter Brown (small)
    Peter Brown
    Texas Ranger Chad Cooper (archive footage)
  • William Smith (small)
    William Smith
    Texas Ranger Joe Riley (archive footage)
  • Philip Carey (small)
    Philip Carey
    Texas Ranger Capt. Edward A. Parmalee (archive footage)
  • Ida Lupino (small)
    Ida Lupino
    Mama Dolores (archive footage)
  • Rhonda Fleming (small)
    Rhonda Fleming
    Carmelita Flanagan (archive footage)
  • Fernando Lamas (small)
    Fernando Lamas
    Capt. Estrada (archive footage)
  • Royal Dano (small)
    Royal Dano
    Faraway (archive footage)