Backwash (2010)

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The tale of three slacker friends and the adventures that ensure after one of them inadvertently robs a bank armed only with a large salami. Many guest cameos including Jon Hamm, John Stamos, Sarah Silverman, John Cho, Allison Janney, Hank Azaria, Michael Vartan, Steven Weber, Jamie-Lynn Sigler. DTV version of ... the Made-for-Digital series.

"Backwash" is a 2010 American comedy web series and full-length film written by and starring Joshua Malina and Michael Panes and directed by Danny Leiner. The film aspects an ensemble cast, consisting of Joshua Malina, Michael Panes, and Michael Ian Black. With a comic twist enriched with excessive adventures, it provides an exciting plot that keeps audiences enthralled.

In the movie, Jonesy (Joshua Malina), Val (Michael Ian Black), and Fleming (Michael Panes) are good friends who live easy, uneventful lives. However, an unexpected event turns their life upside down, propelling them into a spiral of unanticipated events.

Jonesy inadvertently robs a bank with a sausage, setting the story into motion. He, in addition to his buddies, becomes fugitives running from the law. After discovering their faces on the news report, they choose to alter their appearances and lifestyles to evade the authorities. The trio starts a quest for flexibility considerably impacted by their fundamental absence of knowledge about living the criminal life.

Jonesy is depicted as a reasonably regular guy who unwittingly ends up being a bank robber. Val, a thuggish but well-meaning indolent guy, shows to be a faithful good friend as he chooses to accompany Jonesy on the run. Fleming, a mild-mannered, intellectual male who supplies the voice of factor, tags along on their misadventures due to his strong sense of friendship.

Comedic Elements and Stylistic Approach
The film shows ingenious methods of incorporating comical aspects into the plot, escalating the circumstances the characters discover themselves as funny and ridiculous. There is a quirky funny bone throughout, filled with fantastic comedic timing, slapstick humor, and satirical takes on numerous elements of life.

The film employs an uncommon stylistic technique as it combines animation, storyboards, and live-action together. This unique kind provides fans of adventure and funny a fresh visual reward.

"Backwash" was well-received, applauded mainly for its special styling and execution. With spiels of humor cleverly embedded in the story, it hit the ideal chords with the audience. The film won the 2011 Writers Guild of America Award for Original New Media. It was applauded for its innovative narrative technique and smart writing, developing an unique viewing experience.

"Backwash" is an entertaining assembly of ledge-walking comedy and comical adventure, messing around a plot of an unanticipated bank burglary and occurring evasion. It breaks the barriers of conventional filmmaking with its special combination of animation, storyboards, and live-action. It strikes the humor notes with subtle punches and unforeseeable turns, offering an overall quirky and enjoyable film experience. This movie stays a beloved piece for fans of the adventure-comedy category.

Top Cast

  • Joshua Malina (small)
    Joshua Malina
  • Michael Panes (small)
    Michael Panes
  • Michael Ian Black (small)
    Michael Ian Black
  • Noah Emmerich (small)
    Noah Emmerich
    Sgt. Benjamin Belter
  • Lindsey Kraft (small)
    Lindsey Kraft
  • Joe Lo Truglio (small)
    Joe Lo Truglio
    Officer Bobby Bleeker
  • Hank Azaria (small)
    Hank Azaria
  • Jon Hamm (small)
    Jon Hamm
  • Dulé Hill (small)
    Dulé Hill
  • Allison Janney (small)
    Allison Janney
  • Ken Marino (small)
    Ken Marino