Bad Therapy (2020)

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Married couple Bob and Susan Howard decide to see a marriage counselor named Judy Small, who appears trustworthy but harbors dark and conflicted impulses.

"Bad Therapy" is a dark funny movie directed by William Teitler and produced by Gina Resnick, Jennifer Stahl, and William Teitler. Composed by Nancy Doyne, the motion picture was released on April 17, 2020.

The main characters of "Bad Therapy" are married couple Susan (Alicia Silverstone) and Bob (Rob Corddry), who are experiencing some issues in their relationship. Their convenience in the luxuries of Los Angeles living does not seem enough to make their marital relationship work harmoniously. Following a heated argument, they choose that their relationship probably needs a therapist to smooth things over.

The Therapist
Go Into Judy Small (Michaela Watkins), a rather eccentric and unconventional therapist recommended by Bob's colleague. Judy has her distinct methods of managing treatment sessions, which, at the start, appear to be simply extremely non-traditional. From weird questions to unconventional advice, Judy's method becomes more manipulative as time advances, causing Susan and Bob's marital problems to aggravate instead of improve. They start to question Judy's intentions, unearthing a string of her previous clients with similar harmful experiences.

The Problems Intensify
Judy's manipulative techniques slowly instigate fear, suspect, and hostility between the couple. She recommends that Susan's relationship with her teenage child Louise (Anna Pniowsky) might be the source of their marital concerns which Bob has an affair. The therapist sets up Bob for a fabricated affair and effectively breaks the trust in between him and Susan.

More Complications
Concurrently, Judy begins working on Louise under the guise of assisting her with teenage angst. Rather, she begins controling her too. Things get murkier when Susan starts an affair with another moms and dad from Louise's school, thus satisfying Judy's predictions.

The Revelation
As their lives begin spiraling out of control, Bob and Susan find the dark secrets about Judy's past - her license has actually been revoked, her hubby is likewise her previous patient, and she has actually controlled many couples prior to them.

In the climax of the film, Bob and Susan realize that their issues have been managed by Judy. Deciding to challenge Judy, they create a sting operation to expose her. The climax develops towards a dramatic fight with Judy, resulting in her arrest.

In the end, "Bad Therapy" presents an interesting evaluation of therapist-patient ethics and the vulnerability of trust within a relationship. The efficiencies of Silverstone, Corddry, and Watkins are good, delivering an engaging dark funny. Although the property is naturally dark, the motion picture carries some funny moments. Regardless of its in some cases excessive story, the film effectively highpoints the need for careful analysis while navigating the susceptible arena of personal treatment.

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