Bait (2012)

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A freak tsunami traps shoppers at a coastal Australian supermarket inside the building ... along with a 12-foot great white shark.

"Bait" is an exhilarating science fiction catastrophe film released in 2012, directed by Kimble Rendall, and originates from Australia. The film manifests a striking blend of the action, scary, and drama genres. It includes an ensemble cast that includes popular actors like Xavier Samuel, Julian McMahon, Sharni Vinson, and Phoebe Tonkin.

The film starts with lifeguard Josh (Xavier Samuel) seeing his friend Rory (Richard Brancatisano) being taken by a terrific white shark during a rescue objective. Months after the tragic event, Josh is working at a regional grocery store in a coastal town.

On a relatively routine day, a tsunami strikes the town, in the course of which, the supermarket and the parking lot get flooded. The survivors, consisting of Josh, his ex-fiancée Tina (Sharni Vinson), store supervisor Jessup (Adrian Pang), and others, realize that they're caught so they climb atop the highest racks, freezers, and parked vehicles.

In the middle of the chaos, it unfolds that a pair of excellent white sharks have actually been swept into the shop by the tsunami. The film then develops into a gripping survival tale as the group needs to evade the in-house predators while they look for an escape from the flooded shop.

Conflict and Climax
The survivors are subjected to various dangers. First of all, there's the danger of being taken by the sharks. Secondly, stress and conflict amongst the group members themselves. Various revelations and confrontations contribute to the unease.

For instance, Doyle, (Julian McMahon), reveals that he is not a maintenance guy, however a robber whose armed theft resulted in the shoot-out resulting in a guard and his own accomplice getting shot. There's also the panic about the general condition getting worse as the water level steadily increases due to the incoming tide.

The climax of the movie is marked by a heart-stopping face-off with the sharks. Regardless of the dwindling numbers and hostile conditions, the survivors take advantage of their resourcefulness and guts as they interact to fight the sharks, and escape from the grocery store.

Conclusion and Themes
"Bait" is far more than merely a catastrophe flick. While it supplies indisputable shark-action and survival thrills, the movie likewise checks out humanity at its most susceptible and versatile. Secret styles include survival impulses, the guts to face one's greatest fears, sacrifice, guilt, and redemption.

The film concludes on a rather confident note as Josh, Tina, and another couple manage to get away the scenario. Confronting the death-defying experience makes Josh conquer his guilt about Rory, and probably, revive his relationship with Tina.

In general, "Bait" made a mark for its special facility, efficient thrills, sharp efficiencies, and nuanced character exploration. The movie substantially used 3D techniques for enhancing the horror and action beats. While it received combined critiques, it gathered a beneficial action for its ingenious take on the shark attack and catastrophe motion picture categories.

Top Cast

  • Sharni Vinson (small)
    Sharni Vinson
  • Phoebe Tonkin (small)
    Phoebe Tonkin
  • Julian McMahon (small)
    Julian McMahon
  • Alex Russell (small)
    Alex Russell
  • Xavier Samuel (small)
    Xavier Samuel
  • Cariba Heine (small)
    Cariba Heine
  • Lincoln Lewis (small)
    Lincoln Lewis
  • Alice Parkinson (small)
    Alice Parkinson
  • Dan Wyllie (small)
    Dan Wyllie
  • Qi Yuwu (small)
    Qi Yuwu
  • Richard Brancatisano (small)
    Richard Brancatisano