Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along (2020)

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Lend Us Your Voice Don’t miss this enchanting twist on a timeless tale narrated by none other than Mrs. Potts herself—Angela Lansbury. As Belle and the Beast’s love story unfolds before your eyes, tap your toes and sing along to the songs you know and love like Be Our Guest and Gaston. Tales As Old As Time: French Storytelling on Stage and Screen Step into some of the world’s most enchanting stories. At the Palais du Cinema, you’ll explore 6 distinct gallery cases honoring the costumes, music and artwork that brought French literature to life through cinema, theater, ballet and opera. Catch a glimpse of how these stories inspired artists from around the globe, including those who created such timeless Disney classics as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and—of course—Beauty and the Beast.

The "Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along" film is a new take in 2020 on the classic 1991 Disney animated musical film, "Beauty and the Beast". This special edition is a show played in the France Pavilion at EPCOT in Walt Disney World Resort. While still maintaining the original movie's story and characters, the sing-along attraction specifically motivates audience interaction by providing the characters in a new light and including more fun elements that both kids and adults can take pleasure in.

The Storyline
The story follows the original plot with Belle, a young and smart woman, living in a quiet town and the Beast, a prince under a spell that turned him into a creature. If the Beast might enjoy and be loved in return, the curse would be broken. The narrative is made more compelling by the brand-new twists included this edition. For instance, LeFou, Gaston's partner, handles a larger role. The audience discovers that LeFou has been orchestrating events from behind the scenes throughout the initial story, serving as an all of a sudden active participant in the advancement of Belle and the Beast's romance.

The Presentation
The "Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along", directed by 'Don Hahn', who also directed the initial film, exists in an unique format that features the song lyrics at the bottom of the screen, allowing audiences to sing together with their favorite characters. The traditional songs from the original film consisting of "Belle", "Gaston", "Be Our Guest", and obviously, the renowned tune "Beauty and the Beast", are all in the lineup for audience involvement.

Visuals and Animation
This 2020 sing-along version uses the original "Beauty and The Beast" movie's animation while integrating newly-added scenes. The skillful animation group has actually made it almost impossible to differentiate in between the initial and upgraded animation. This mix offers a sense of connection for the audience while permitting the sing-along movie to stay true to its predecessor's classic charm.

Voice Acting
Just as in the initial film, Angela Lansbury supplies her voice for Mrs. Potts's character. The new scenes, especially those of LeFou, exist with voice stars who perfectly catch the initial voice tones, contributing to the nostalgia of the traditional film.

General Experience
The "Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along" effectively provides an interactive, interesting, and amusing film experience for all age groups. Its sing-along format fosters involvement, activating a happy, shared sense of sociability among audiences. The storyline's brand-new elements provide a fresh point of view, making the experience completely unique from simply enjoying the original movie.

In a nutshell, it not only satisfies fans of the original "Beauty and the Beast" but also allows brand-new Disney lovers to take pleasure in the timeless tale in an exciting way. This sing-along edition magnificently magnifies the attention to information, beauty, and magic that Disney is famous for, therefore making it a must-see for every Disney fan.

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