Beauty and the Beast (1991)

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Follow the adventures of Belle, a bright young woman who finds herself in the castle of a prince who's been turned into a mysterious beast. With the help of the castle's enchanted staff, Belle soon learns the most important lesson of all -- that true beauty comes from within.

"Beauty and the Beast" is an animated romantic musical movie produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and launched in 1991. The movie is inspired by the classic French fairy tale of the very same name by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, showing the journey of love and acceptance.

The story opens with a self-centered prince who, after refusing shelter to an old beggar lady due to her undesirable appearance, gets developed into a Beast by her as she is a gorgeous enchantress punishing him for his callousness. Menstruation would only be broken if he discovers to love another and makes their love in return prior to the last petal of a bewitched rose falls.

Main Characters and Plot
In a neighboring provincial town, the story follows Belle, a smart and beautiful girl who wishes for adventure and often discovers herself at odds with the other villagers for her unconventional ways. Gaston, a boorish hunter, is identified to marry Belle, finding her beauty irresistible, however she continuously declines his advances.

One day, after her dad Maurice gets lost in the woods and comes across the Beast's castle, he is taken detainee by the Beast. When Belle goes looking for him, she provides herself in exchange for her dad's liberty to which the Beast agrees. As part of his guarantee, Maurice is launched and Belle begins residing in the castle with the Beast.

The Transformation
Gradually, Belle starts to see the kind heart underneath the Beast's outside. On the other hand, the captivated things in the castle - Lumière, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts - who were when the Beast's servants, help promote their growing tourist attraction. They hope that their growing love might break the spell. As they hang around together, the Beast falls in love with Belle, learning to end up being kind-hearted and generous again.

In the climax, Gaston, blinded by jealousy, leads an upset mob to storm the Beast's castle and kill him. In an occurring fight, Gaston mortally wounds the Beast prior to losing balance and being up to his death. Belle confesses her love for the Beast in the nick of time as the last petal of the captivated increased falls. The spell is broken, changing the Beast back into a prince and his servants into people. The film ends with Belle and her prince dancing together, being watched lovingly by their good friends.

The Legacy of 'Beauty and the Beast'
Rated G by the Motion Picture Association of America, "Beauty and the Beast" set brand-new requirements for animation, with its fluid, highly colored visuals and seamlessly incorporated musical score by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman. The movie was seriously well-known, with appreciation for its story, voice performances, and musical numbers. It was both an industrial and important success, making over $424 million at package workplace around the world and receiving multiple distinguished award elections, including the Academy Award for Best Picture.

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