Beauty's Revenge (1995)

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An obsessive small town beauty queen goes to great lengths to keep the love of her life from reconciling with his ex-girlfriend.

Film Overview
"Beauty's Revenge" is a 1995 made-for-television thriller drama film directed by Paul Schneider. The film, also referred to as "Midwest Obsession", features 2 prominent actors, Courtney Thorne-Smith and Kyle Secor, in the lead roles. The story spins around a compulsive model who'll go to excellent lengths to get what she desires.

Plot Summary
The film focuses on a young and lively female, Cheryl Ann Davis (Courtney Thorne-Smith), who is determined to win the sought after title of the regional appeal contest. She shares an extensive love for her sweetheart, Billy Joe Dean (Kyle Secor), who, in spite of his blue-collar job, imagine a steady future with her.

Nevertheless, Cheryl's dream shatters when the title is snatched far from her by another deserving contestant. In the consequences, she ends up being obsessed with revenge. Her fascination takes an unsafe turn when she attempts to end her life however survives, just to come back with more rage.

She fools everyone, including her partner Billy, into sensation guilty for her loss. Billy, who is innocent of her accusations, chooses to break up with Cheryl, under the mistaken belief of destroying her life. He wanders towards a hardworking and modest female, Lorie Brindel (Tracey Gold), the daughter of hardworking farmers. The two start feeling affection for each other and quickly plan to get wed.

Cheryl's Wrath and Obsession
Cheryl refuses to accept their relationship and becomes obsessive about messing up Lorie and Billy's life. She resorts to remarkable claims, making false accusations of harassment versus Billy. Although the town doesn't think Cheryl, she does not give up and takes Billy to court. Cheryl controls situations and handles to convince the grand jury that Billy tried to rape her. Consequently, Billy is found guilty and is stripped of his liberty and future with Lorie.

Final Conflict
In spite of the repercussions, Lorie stands by Billy versus all chances. She begins investigating the routes of proof Cheryl left behind and handles to uncover Cheryl's manipulative strategies. Lorie exposes Cheryl's deceit in court, getting Billy cleared of the charges. Cheryl couldn't handle the reality and, in a fit of rage, enters into a brawl with Lorie leading to her accidental death.

"Beauty's Revenge" illustrates a tailspin brought on by envy, fixation, and vengeance, providing an extreme and suspenseful watching experience. Although the plot revolves around a charm contest, its essence lies in the exploration of complicated human relationships and actions set off by jealousy and vengeance. Despite its sinister undertones, the film is also about sustaining love and trust, as shown by Lorie's undeviating faith in Billy. The film concludes with the gorgeous message of reality being triumphant and deception resulting in self-destruction.

Top Cast

  • Courtney Thorne-Smith (small)
    Courtney Thorne-Smith
    Cheryl Ann Davis
  • Kyle Secor (small)
    Kyle Secor
    Kevin Reese
  • Stephen Fanning
  • Tracey Gold (small)
    Tracey Gold