Blind (2017)

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A novelist is blinded in a car crash that killed his wife and several years later rediscovers his passion for life and writing when he embarks on an affair with the neglected wife of an indicted businessman.

"Blind" is a 2017 drama film directed by Michael Mailer and composed by John Buffalo Mailer. The story revolves around a visually impaired author, Bill Oakland, played by Alec Baldwin, who finds a brand-new point of view on life when he meets Suzanne Dutchman (Demi Moore), a lady charged with reading to him after her partner's expert trading criminal activities.

Plot Summary
Bill Oakland, an effective novelist, tragically loses his sight in a vehicle mishap where his wife likewise dies. This leaves him dispirited, spending his days tap-tapping on a typewriter with no outcome and attending a support system for aesthetically impaired people where he often reveals his blunt cynicism about life.

Suzanne, on the other hand, is a socialite who winds up getting sentenced to social work for her hubby's illegal services. Her penalty is to read to Bill, who initially declines her business due to his hard-shelled character.

Character Development
As Suzanne checks out to Bill, their connection deepens. Suzanne, unhappy in her marriage to a man in prison, begins rediscovering life through Bill's distinct lens. Costs, initially gruff and rude, starts opening, discovering in Suzanne a kindred spirit and a source of motivation for his writing.

In a plot twist, Suzanne's spouse, Mark Dutchman (Dylan McDermott), gets released early from prison. Envious and suspicious of Suzanne's growing independence and happiness, he challenges Bill, insisting he stay away from his other half. But Suzanne, who's found a new purpose and liberty, refuses to give in to her hubby's controlling methods.

Regardless of the hurdles, the story concludes on an optimistic note. The difficulty faced by Bill and Suzanne brings them closer than before, resulting in a passionate affair. Ultimately, Suzanne chooses to leave her spouse, embarking on a brand-new journey of self-discovery and a newly found love with Bill.

Along with discovering real love, Bill uncovers his passion for composing, exposing that being 'blind' doesn't necessarily suggest one has actually lost their vision of life. The story ends with Bill telling his finished book that Suzanne influenced.

Thematic Elements
"Blind" checks out numerous themes such as self-discovery, strength, love, and adultery. It shows how misfortune can lead to growth, pressing people out of their comfort zone and helping them realize their true potential. It highlights the effect of companionship and shared experiences on individual development. The movie skillfully portrays how people handle loss by discovering brand-new significance in life.

In conclusion, the movie "Blind" informs a sincere story of a not likely duo navigating through their personal battles, while finding solace and love in each other's business. Their trials and adversities highlight their strength of character and resilience, leading them towards self-discovery and improvement. The film is a poignant exploration of how human strength and shared experiences can produce tremendous individual growth, in spite of negative scenarios.

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