Bombshell in Concert (2020)

Bombshell in Concert Poster

The stars of the NBC musical drama series Smash reunite virtually for a special one-night-only streaming event featuring the never-seen sold-out live performance of Bombshell in Concert. The concert, with songs from the NBC series Smash, and reunion will benefit The Actors Fund, which has been helping artists in need amid the coronavirus crisis. The performance will be introduced by two-time Academy Award winner Renée Zellweger.

"Bombshell In Concert" is a thrilling one-night musical event based on the songs from the drama series, "Smash". Released in 2020, this virtual show combined the original Broadway musical cast for a special benefit performance, aimed to raise cash for 'The Actors Funds', an organization supporting performers and behind-the-scenes workers in entertainment and thereto related fields.

The Plot
The show focuses around the musical "Bombshell", the imaginary Broadway play from the series "Smash". "Bombshell" informs the engaging story of Marilyn Monroe's life, highlighting her increase to fame and the battles that followed. The occasion was interspersed with multiple behind-the-scenes stories and unscripted anecdotes, thought back by the initial cast and the creative group of "Smash".

The Performance
"Bombshell in Concert" opened with all the high energy and excitement expected from a Broadway program. Although it kept a virtual platform, the performance predicted its vibrancy successfully, thanks to the dynamic performances and the distinct format. The stunning ensemble of "Smash", consisting of Debra Messing, Christian Borle, Katharine McPhee, Jack Davenport, and Megan Hilty, reprised their particular functions for this unique occasion. The stars performed several well-loved songs like "Let Me Be Your Star" and "Don't Forget Me" that added high notes to the performance.

Visual Style and Impact
The production quality of the concert isn't similar to that of a professional live streaming event offered its charitable purpose and unique approach of communication. This was, nevertheless, neglected by its audience, mainly due to the strong efficiencies itself that originated the Broadway's real spirit. The body and soul of the concert remained in the music and storytelling. A creative usage of archived "Smash" efficiencies was made to boost visual appeal and share the Broadway experience with a wider audience.

Charitable Purpose
The driving function behind "Bombshell in Concert" was to raise funds for The Actors Fund, a 130-year-old non-profit company aids those in the carrying out arts through financial support, affordable housing, health care and insurance coverage therapy, work training, etc. The event brought individuals together for a prime cause, and the response was frustrating.

General Audience Reception
"Bombshell in Concert" was commemorated by both critics and audiences. The efficiencies were applauded for their energy, talent, and the nostalgic quality that reminded audiences of the golden times of "Smash". Fans appreciated the chance to relive the captivating efficiencies of their favorite stars in a setting that was both comfy and necessary in current times.

Bringing back the cast of "Smash" for a one-night-only performance, "Bombshell in Concert" was a celebration of talent, a commitment to the Broadway neighborhood, and a tribute to the life of Marilyn Monroe. It provided the audience a chance to delve once again into the world of "Bombshell" and experience the magic of Broadway from the comfort of their houses, all while supporting a worthwhile cause. In spite of being virtual, the performance prospered in emanating a sense of live performance, advising everybody, "There's no business like show service".

Top Cast

  • Megan Hilty (small)
    Megan Hilty
  • Katharine McPhee (small)
    Katharine McPhee
  • Debra Messing (small)
    Debra Messing
  • Christian Borle (small)
    Christian Borle
  • Julie Klausner (small)
    Julie Klausner
  • Jaime Cepero (small)
    Jaime Cepero
  • Will Chase (small)
    Will Chase
  • Ann Harada (small)
    Ann Harada
  • Brian d'Arcy James (small)
    Brian d'Arcy James
  • Jeremy Jordan (small)
    Jeremy Jordan
  • Donna McKechnie (small)
    Donna McKechnie