Bride of Boogedy (1987)

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In this sequel to the made-for-television Disney family classic, Mr. Boogedy, the Davis family deals with the return of Mr. Boogedy and his never-ending hunt for Widow Marion as well as a rival gag-store competitor who really has it out for Carleton. Meanwhile, the town of Lucifer Falls is planning a big carnival which the mean Mr. Lynch seeks to ruin- if Boogedy doesn't see to that first.

"Bride of Boogedy" is a 1987 household funny horror movie by Disney. It is a sequel to the Disney production "Mr. Boogedy". Walt Disney Television produced the motion picture which appeared on ABC as part of their "The Disney Sunday Movie" programming block. It was directed by Oz Scott and written by Michael Janover. The movie includes Richard Masur, Mimi Kennedy, Tammy Lauren, and David Faustino, to name a few.

Story and Plot
The plot revolves around the Davis Family who had previously come across the ghostly Mr. Boogedy (played by Howard Witt) in their vacation home in the town of Lucifer Falls, only to find that he had gone back to haunt them when again. In the previous installment, the Davis Family had actually handled to eliminate Mr. Boogedy, who was constantly on the lookout to trigger disturbances and trickery.

At the start of "Bride of Boogedy", the Davis Family is seen to be well-integrated into their community. They are actively associated with managing an upcoming local carnival. However, Carleton Davis (played by Richard Masur), the patriarch of the household, is inexplicably drawn to a piece of cloak, an artifact of Mr. Boogedy. Versus the suggestions of his family and townsfolk, he buys it out of his blossoming curiosity.

Reappearance of Mr. Boogedy
Mr. Boogedy as a result comes back and triggers interruptions in the carnival preparations. This time, he tries to kidnap the widow Marion (played by Eugenie Ross-Leming), to be his bride in the supernatural world. The Davis household need to quickly develop a plan to stop him and conserve Marion from the clutches of the ghost.

The film culminates in a showdown in between the Davis household and Mr. Boogedy throughout the town's yearly carnival. With the assistance of some unanticipated allies, the household handles to foil Mr. Boogedy's dubious strategies, hence conserving Marion and making sure the success of the carnival.

"Bride of Boogedy" received blended reviews from critics, however reached a rather cult status amongst Disney fans due to its special mix of family-friendly scary and funny. Understood for its light-heartedness and comedy element, the movie's blend of human and supernatural characters includes an unique flavor to the story.

This sequel, like its predecessor, is remembered for its creepy however friendly technique to the scary category, best for more youthful audiences. The movie explores styles of household unity, bravery amidst danger, the spirit of neighborhood and the essence of good triumphing over evil, all of which are common styles in Disney motion pictures.

In conclusion, "Bride of Boogedy" is a part of Disney's legacy in producing family-oriented films - ones that beauty the audience with its charming characters, unique storyline, and a well-balanced mix of humor and fright.

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