Captive Hearts (2005)

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A newly hired executive for a multinational corporation is kidnapped at gunpoint. His wife and a detective uncover a much more sinister international conspiracy.

"Captive Hearts", launched in 2005, is a thriller drama directed by Rex Piano. The movie features the gifted artists like Tracey Gold, Robin Givens, and Michael Bowen. The plot focuses on Jessica Donovan who loses her partner and discovers herself in a hazardous circumstance where she need to show strength and bravery to conserve herself and her kids.

The film opens with the stunning life of Jessica Donovan (Tracey Gold) dealing with her husband and children on a farm. Regrettably, this peace doesn't last long as her partner unexpectedly dies in a tractor accident, leaving Jessica alone to carry the concern of their farm. The regional bank supervisor provides Jessica a bridge loan to help her financially but signs her up for a bigger mortgage instead. Battling with this brand-new truth, Jessica discovers herself in alarming straits, barely handling to keep the farm.

The Turning Point
The plot takes a chilling turn when the bank supervisor sends out Tommy Jarvis (Michael Bowen) and Ray (Chris Kramer) to reclaim her home. Jessica, fearing the loss of her home, pleads for more time however to no avail. However, rather of performing their expected job, they take Jessica and her two kids captive. Their strategy is to lay low up until the heat around some crimes they dedicated elsewhere dies down.

The Hostage Situation
The hostage series is cooling and tense, as Jarvis and Ray expose their real nature, threatening and violent bad guys. Jessica discovers herself in an unfamiliar and important circumstance, fearing for her life and the lives of her kids. However instead of breaking down, she emerges as a strong character proving that difficulty brings out the best in people. She begins to play psychological techniques with the captors, triggering doubt and discord in between them.

Conclusion and Liberation
The story reaches its climax when Ray, after being manipulated by Jessica, begins to question his commitment towards Jarvis. A fight breaks out in between the two and Jessica handles to call the cops. Jarvis shoots and eliminates Ray but is subdued by Jessica who manages to keep him at bay until the authorities finally show up. The film culminally with Jessica and her kids getting freed from the frightening experience.

Amidst the turmoil and battle, Jessica discovers an unanticipated pal and protector in Deputy Rachel (Robin Givens). Rachel becomes crucial in Jessica's escape and eventually assists her restore control over her life.

Last Thoughts
"Captive Hearts" provides a heart-wrenching story of a widow's battle for survival and her effort to safeguard her household. The movie skillfully portrays the change of a typical woman into a brave and astute individual when tossed into a dangerous scenario. At the very same time, it also discuss the disturbing reality of monetary deceptiveness faced by vulnerable individuals. The strong efficiencies by the lead stars and the gripping story make this movie a compelling watch.

Top Cast

  • Robin Givens (small)
    Robin Givens
    Jade Marlo
  • Tobias Mehler (small)
    Tobias Mehler
    Larry Sorenson
  • Tracey Gold (small)
    Tracey Gold
    Elizabeth Sorenson
  • Chris Kramer (small)
    Chris Kramer
    Jimmy Kelsoe
  • Anne Openshaw (small)
    Anne Openshaw
    Tasha Simmons
  • Greg Evigan (small)
    Greg Evigan
    Darren Maxwell
  • Andre Danyliu
    Uni Romanow
  • Christopher Rosamond (small)
    Christopher Rosamond
    Ronnie Wilkins
  • Angela Uyeda (small)
    Angela Uyeda
  • Stephen Richard Lofstrom
    Sam Whittaker
  • Kyle Cassie (small)
    Kyle Cassie
    Kidnapper #1