Changing Habits (1997)

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An aspiring artist runs from men as a result of an early life problem that has left her relationship with her father strained. She decides to move into a convent where troubled women receive cheap lodging in exchange for work. She finds a dirty area in the basement where she paints a mural that deals with all of her psychological problems. While some find it gaudy, others such as the mother superior realizes its potential to save the convent which is to be closed. During all this the artist starts a relationship with a man who owns an art supply shop where she shop-lifts her supplies. Written by John Sacksteder

"Changing Habits" is a 1997 drama-comedy film directed by Lynn Roth and based upon a story by Rob Sullivan. The movie stars Moira Kelly as Susan "Soosh" Teague, Dylan Walsh as Felix Shepherd, and includes a cast Harley Cross, Teri Garr, and Shelley Duvall. The story follows the improvement of a young woman who decides to leave her life in New York, finding sanctuary and eventually individual growth in a convent.

Plot Overview
The film starts with Soosh, a promising but having a hard time artist in New York City. After returning from a not successful journey abroad to market her artwork, Soosh is burglarized and gets evicted from her apartment. Desperate, she turns to Felix, her sometimes partner and art dealer, but finds him unhelpful. Simply by opportunity, she winds up looking for haven at the Convent of the Sisters of Mercy in the Bronx.

At first, Soosh's intentions of remaining at the convent aren't to become a nun; she simply seeks a location to remain and paint. However, she is gradually drawn into the routines of the convent. Her interactions with the siblings and the local community start to move her view of life. She witnesses poverty, difficulty, and generous service, modifying her viewpoint on what's important in life.

Changing Habits, Changing Lives
Soosh chooses to stay at the convent longer than initially prepared, starting to use a routine and following prayer routines. This leads Soosh to establish her abilities as an artist, discovering motivation in her enchanting experiences. Her artwork progresses substantially, which eventually brings in Felix's attention.

Felix sees commercial capacity in Soosh's brand-new artistic direction, drawing from religious meaning. Through a series of controls, he handles to protect an art program for Soosh with wealthy clients. At first delighted by the opportunity, Soosh later on finds Felix's plan, which Wenge work to ivory him, and in the end, the potential customers of monetary gain.

"Changing Habits" is a movie about personal development and change. When Soosh enters the convent, she is a struggling artist preoccupied with financial success. Regardless of her initial intents of using the convent simply as a location to remain, the experiences and relationships she forms there help her find a deeper sense of function and fulfillment in her craft. The story speaks with the transformative power of faith, community, and service in improving individual lives. By releasing her past self and habits, Soosh's perspective on life changes, leading to a newly found spiritual and innovative awakening.

In the end, Soosh remain at the convent not due to the fact that she has no other path, however because she has actually found who she really is. A comparative study between worldly aspirations and spiritual contentment, "Changing Habits" sends an extensive message about the real nature of success and joy. Through its interesting characters and appealing story, it leaves viewers with a thought-provoking exploration of faith, art, and the unforeseen paths to self-discovery.

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