Charley and the Angel (1973)

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Charley is a workaholic family man that finds out from an angel that his "number's up" and he will be dying soon so he tries to change his ways and be a better husband and father with the time he has left.

Film Introduction
"Charley and the Angel" is a 1973 comical household movie directed by Vincent McEveety. This Walt Disney production stars Fred MacMurray, Cloris Leachman, and Harry Morgan. The story revolves around the life of a dedicated salesperson, Charley Appleby (MacMurray), who is so fascinated in his work that he overlooks spending quality time with his household.

The movie opens with Charley Appleby, a busy business owner, prioritizing his work over his family's requirements, as he prepares to buy a gas station. One day, out of the blue, he experiences an angel, Roy Zerney (Harry Morgan), who informs him that his 'time is up' and he will die quickly. In shock and shock, Charley begins re-assessing his life. He slowly understands that he had actually been so captured up in his ambition to make money that he has been accidentally neglecting his family and missing out on life's basic joys.

Household Changes and Revelations
The upcoming death forecast brings a massive modification in Charley's character. He decides to spend as much quality time as he can with his family, recognizing that his wife, Nettie (Cloris Leachman), and their kids had been starved of his love and attention for years. He attempts to repair things with his dissatisfied teenage kid, Leon (Vincent Van Patten), and be more pleased of his daughters.

Charley's abrupt behavioral modification leaves his family and friends mystified. Moreover, Charley's worry of impending death leads him to act recklessly sometimes, triggering humorous situations where he seems to be talking with thin air as Angel Roy is unnoticeable to others.

Charley's Transformation
Throughout the movie, Charley grows mentally, comprehending the significance of familial bonds over materialistic gains. His sincere attempt to spread love and happiness amongst his relative and desire to remedy previous mistakes end up being evident, as he takes his family on a journey, prepares for Christmas totally, and even attempts to fix up a lost love in between among his children and her lover.

Angel Roy's Final Revelation
Towards completion, Charley's change culminates when he reveals immense courage and bravery by rushing into a burning factory to save his employees, leading to the ultimate reveal by Angel Roy. The Angel confesses that the death warning was merely a ploy to make Charley understand and remedy his misplaced concerns in life before it was too late. Charley's relief is profound, and he swears to live the rest of his life valuing his family, lastly understanding the real essence of life.

"Charley and the Angel" is a warm, genuine motion picture that efficiently utilizes its comedic undertones to talk about the major problem of work-life balance. The film leaves the audience with an extensive message about the significance of household and the requirement to balance work and personal life. The performances of the motion picture's stars, particularly Fred MacMurray, make this movie a classic family-friendly watch.

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