Cheerful Weather for the Wedding (2012)

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England, 1932. Today is Dolly Thatcham's wedding day, and her family is arriving at the manor house with all the cheerfulness, chaos and grievances that accompany such gatherings. Trouble soon appears in the shape of Joseph, Dolly's lover from the previous summer, who throws her feelings into turmoil. But Dolly's mother will not allow her carefully laid plans for her daughter's future to be threatened...

Film Overview
"Cheerful Weather for the Wedding" is a British comedy-drama movie from 2012, directed by Donald Rice and composed by Rice and Mary Henely-Magill. Based on the 1932 novel of the very same name by Julia Strachey, this movie is a story about love, choices, and the pressures of social expectations. The primary characters in the film consist of Dolly Thatcham (Felicity Jones), her lover Joseph Patten (Luke Treadaway), and her fiancé Owen (James Norton).

Plot Summary
The movie is embeded in 1932 in rural England and mainly happens within one day-- the day of Dolly's marital relationship to Owen. It's a cold winter's morning, and your house is abuzz with wedding preparations. Everyone appears delighted about the occasion except for Dolly and Joseph, who are facing extreme feelings.

There is a flashback sequence to the previous summer, where Dolly and Joseph, a university friend of her bro's, had a whirlwind romance. Their strong sensations for each other run in plain contrast to Dolly's lukewarm sentiments towards her well-meaning however dull fiancé, Owen.

Joseph comes to the venue on the wedding with the hope of avoiding the marriage and recovering Dolly's heart, however he is kept at bay by the frenetic wedding organizers. In parallel, Dolly spends the morning of her big day drinking rum in her bedroom, concealed away from the bustling preparations below, and assessing her past relationship with Joseph.

Character Conflicts and Resolutions
Throughout the movie, there are numerous humorous and awkward minutes due to the uneasy characteristics of the Thatcham family and their guests. There is a tension in between different characters' expectations and desires, which is further magnified by the impending wedding and Joseph's unanticipated presence.

Lots of scenes highlight Dolly's uncertainty towards her impending marriage and her remaining feelings for Joseph. Simultaneously, Joseph grapples with his feelings and the fragile job of declaring his love without triggering a scandal. In turn, Dolly's mother stays entirely concentrated on guaranteeing the wedding event goes on without a drawback, unconcerned to her daughter's inner chaos.

Despite all the psychological mayhem and societal pressure, Dolly makes an unforeseen decision and weds Owen, leaving Joseph heartbroken. While the ending might seem bitter-sweet, it is in line with the movie's overall exploration of social expectations and personal desires often at chances.

"Cheerful Weather for the Wedding" is a multi-layered film filled with period charms, biting humor, and psychological undercurrents. While it's set versus the background of a wedding event, it explores themes much deeper than marital bliss, such as forbidden love, unmentioned emotions, and social pressures. The director brilliantly catches the blended feelings surrounding the ceremony, with exceptional efficiencies from the cast. The movie leaves viewers with mixed feelings, similar to its title, reviewing the intricacies of love and life choices one typically faces.

Top Cast

  • Felicity Jones (small)
    Felicity Jones
    Dolly Thatcham
  • Luke Treadaway (small)
    Luke Treadaway
    Joseph Patten
  • Elizabeth McGovern (small)
    Elizabeth McGovern
    Mrs. Thatcham
  • Mackenzie Crook (small)
    Mackenzie Crook
    David Dakin
  • Ellie Kendrick (small)
    Ellie Kendrick
    Kitty Thatcham
  • Zoë Tapper (small)
    Zoë Tapper
    Evelyn Graham
  • Julian Wadham (small)
    Julian Wadham
    Uncle Bob
  • Barbara Flynn (small)
    Barbara Flynn
    Aunt Bella
  • Fenella Woolgar (small)
    Fenella Woolgar
    Nancy Dakin
  • Olly Alexander (small)
    Olly Alexander
  • James Norton (small)
    James Norton