Compromising Positions (1985)

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An ex-newspaper woman who is now a suburban housewife can't resist getting involved in an investigation of the murder of a philandering dentist who had been having affairs with several of her neighbors.

"Compromising Positions" is a 1985 secret funny movie directed by Frank Perry and based on the best-selling book of the same name by Susan Isaacs. The movie boasts an ensemble cast, consisting of Susan Sarandon, Raul Julia, Edward Herrmann, and Judith Ivey. Set in the upscale suburban area of Long Island, the story focuses on a rural housewife and former reporter, Judith Singer, who ends up being involved in resolving a murder secret when her former lover is found dead in compromising scenarios.

The story follows the life of Judith Singer (Susan Sarandon), a stay-at-home mother who is unhappy with her mundane life as a suburban housewife. She yearns to go back to her previous career as a reporter and feels suppressed by her philandering other half Bob Singer (Edward Herrmann). When Dr. Bruce Fleckstein (Joe Mantegna), a distinguished dentist, and Judith's ex-lover, is discovered killed in his workplace, she becomes fascinated by the secret and chooses to examine the case.

As Judith digs deeper into the murder, she discovers Dr. Fleckstein was a womanizer who took unsuitable pictures of his female clients while they were sedated. Picking up an excellent story, she starts to rekindle her journalism career and starts dealing with the case. Along the way, she bonds with Lieutenant David Suarez (Raul Julia), the policeman in charge of the examination, who appreciates her within understanding and dogged determination.

As the examination advances, Judith is faced by the people in her life who would choose her to keep her function as a housewife. Her other half Bob, particularly, feels threatened by her rekindling profession, as well as her deepening friendship with Lt. Suarez. Judith, nevertheless, is undeterred and ends up being more determined to solve the murder.

Cast of Characters
- Susan Sarandon as Judith Singer: A former reporter and rural housewife who becomes drawn into investigating the murder secret.
- Raul Julia as Lieutenant David Suarez: A lovely law enforcement officers who deals with Judith to solve the case.
- Edward Herrmann as Bob Singer: Judith's mentally distant spouse who feels threatened by her go back to journalism.
- Joe Mantegna as Dr. Bruce Fleckstein: The womanizing dental practitioner whose murder serves as the catalyst for the story.
- Judith Ivey as Nancy Miller: A fellow housewife and friend of Judith who also becomes involved in the examination.

Styles and Tone
"Compromising Positions" is a film that integrates elements of both secret and funny genres, providing an interesting and awesome story with minutes of humor. It checks out themes of female empowerment, as the lead character Judith starts an individual journey of self-discovery and uncovers her passion for her career. The film satirically exposes the superficiality and hypocrisy of the rural setting, in addition to the gender politics at play within the community.

Among the main themes of the movie is the contrast in between Judith's former life as a profession woman and her current dissatisfaction with her function as a homemaker. Regardless of facing opposition and criticism from those around her, Judith remains figured out to pursue her investigative work and prove her capabilities. Her relationship with Lt. Suarez acts as a kind of empowerment and recognition, as he respects and admires her intellect and abilities.

Reception and Legacy
"Compromising Positions" got mixed evaluations upon its release, with critics praising the performances of the lead actors however keeping in mind that the film's plot and pacing were periodically unequal. Regardless of this, the movie stays well-regarded among fans of murder mysteries and comedies, in addition to those who appreciate Susan Sarandon's body of work.

In conclusion, "Compromising Positions" is a movie that offers a blend of secret, comedy, and social commentary, led by an interesting efficiency from Susan Sarandon as a suburban housewife turned amateur detective. While it may be somewhat eclipsed by other films from the age, it remains an amusing and thought-provoking commentary on gender roles and social expectations within a seemingly picture-perfect neighborhood.

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