Corbin Nash (2018)

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A rogue police detective in search of his parents' killer is murdered and reborn the ultimate killer.

Introduction to "Corbin Nash"
"Corbin Nash" is a 2018 horror-action film directed by Ben Jagger, co-written by the Jagger bros, Ben and Dean, in addition to Christopher P. Taylor. The movie integrates the gritty environment of metropolitan criminal offense with supernatural aspects as it follows Corbin Nash, a tough-as-nails detective who gets involved in a dark and violent underworld. The motion picture stars Dean S. Jagger in the titular role, with supporting performances by Corey Feldman, Malcolm McDowell, and Rutger Hauer.

Plot Overview
The story begins in the dirty streets of Los Angeles where investigator Corbin Nash is on the hunt for the person or entity accountable for his moms and dads' death. Corbin is a no-nonsense police officer with a seething desire for revenge. As the mystery unfolds, he experiences an odd and hazardous world that he did not understand existed-- a subculture of demons and vampires that prowls the city's shadows.

During his investigation, Corbin fulfills a shady character called Queeny, depicted by Corey Feldman, who is a flamboyant cross-dressing vampire leader. Queeny becomes a significant figure as the tale progresses, eventually catching and torturing Corbin, which causes his untimely death at the hands of Queeny's fanged minions.

Nevertheless, death is not completion for Corbin Nash. He is resurrected by a mysterious seer called Blind Prophet, played by Malcolm McDowell. The Prophet reveals to Corbin that his destiny is far greater than he might have thought of: Corbin originates from a line of demon hunters, and his new function in this dark world is to remove the wicked creatures from existence. With his newly found life and function, Nash is changed from a mere human into an effective hybrid set on revenge.

Action and Horror Elements
The movie presents a mix of high-intensity action series and horror tropes, created to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Following his change, Corbin, now with increased abilities and a thirst for vengeance, goes on a crazy mission to hound and kill Queeny and his followers. The film takes the audience on a gory journey filled with visceral fight scenes and blood-soaked encounters between Nash and the vampires, pitching the brutality of humanity versus the savagery of the undead.

Styles and Performances
"Corbin Nash" looks into familiar styles of redemption, the everlasting battle between great and evil, and the individual mission for identity and purpose. Dean S. Jagger's representation of Corbin Nash is grounded and extreme, interacting the weight of a male torn by his grim past and the darkness of his present course. Corey Feldman's performance as Queeny stick out with its unconventional and campy shipment, including a layer of eccentricity to the film's villainous landscape.

The supporting cast, consisting of veterans like Malcolm McDowell and Rutger Hauer (who plays a quick function as Nash's grizzled father in flashbacks), adds gravitas to the film, although their screen time is limited.

Vital Reception and Wrap-Up
The film got a mixed reaction from critics and audiences. While some valued the gritty visual and the mix of horror and action elements, others found the storytelling to be lacking in depth and originality. The movie's low-budget nature is evident in locations, impacting the quality of certain unique impacts and production design.

"Corbin Nash" eventually sets out to use a raw and action-packed take on the urban vampire narrative. While it might not reinvent the genre or resonate with all viewers, it supplies a dark and violent adventure into a world where the lines in between hero and monster are indistinct, and survival is as much about self-confidence as it has to do with physical expertise. For fans of specific niche horror-action hybrids, "Corbin Nash" may be an interesting, albeit imperfect, addition to their film collection.

Top Cast

  • Malcolm McDowell (small)
    Malcolm McDowell
    Blind Prophet
  • Corey Feldman (small)
    Corey Feldman
  • Rutger Hauer (small)
    Rutger Hauer
  • Dean S. Jagger (small)
    Dean S. Jagger
    Corbin Nash
  • Bruce Davison (small)
    Bruce Davison
  • Fernanda Romero (small)
    Fernanda Romero
  • Patrick Brennan (small)
    Patrick Brennan
  • Elizabeth Greer (small)
    Elizabeth Greer
  • Courtney Gains (small)
    Courtney Gains
    Detective Holloway
  • Michael Emery (small)
    Michael Emery
    Officer Michaels
  • Katie Oliver (small)
    Katie Oliver