Cottage Country (2013)

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When Todd takes his girlfriend Cammie up to the family cottage for a reclusive proposal, the last thing he expected to be doing was dealing with was his slacker brother and his hippie girlfriend. But in this comedy of errors, Todd and Cammie, have to deal with his accidentally murdered brother in order to live happily ever after.

Film Overview
"Cottage Country" is a dark-themed funny movie launched in 2013. Directed by Peter Wellington and composed by Jeremy Boxen, the motion picture stars popular actors like Malin Akerman, Tyler Labine, Dan Petronijevic and Lucy Punch. The film deciphers around a couple, Todd and Cammie, whose strategy to propose marital relationship at their remote lakeside home gets twisted due to the invasion of Todd's brother and girlfriend.

Plot Synopsis
Tyler Labine plays the character Todd Chipowski, a worker who prepares a romantic getaway with his sweetheart Cammie, depicted by Malin Akerman, at his household's old cottage. He plans to propose to Cammie throughout this holiday. Nevertheless, the couple's romantic time is shattered by the unexpected arrival of Todd's disruptive sibling, Salinger, and his free-spirited girlfriend, Masha.

Overlooking duplicated demands to leave, Todd's frustration worsens and lead to a heated conflict resulting in a regrettable accident where Todd accidentally eliminates Salinger in a fit of rage. To save his relationship and the perfect proposition he had prepared, Todd persuades Cammie to help him hide Salinger's death. While they handle to cover up the murder, things spiral out of control when a regional policeman and others begin to think nasty play.

Character Analysis
Tyler Labine, as Todd, handles to portray a simple, love-struck guy whose life spirals out of control due to one error, outstandingly. Malin Akerman, playing Cammie, convincingly becomes a partner-in-crime and shares the guilt and fear of Todd, painting a photo of a dedicated fan. Dan Petronijevic's function as Salinger is pivotal to the storyline. He effectively creates a personality of an ill-behaved, intrusive character, making it much easier for the audience to abhor him and sympathize with Todd's disappointments.

"Cottage Country" explores different themes such as love, the quest for perfection, fear and guilt, brother or sister competition, and the lengths one would go to save their relationship. The film's dark comedic storyline effectively tells the extreme feelings and circumstances Todd and Cammie experience as they try to hide their crime, providing the audience with a blend of humor, suspense, and irony. The director's employment of a casual ambiance and a suspenseful background score totally complements the film's compelling storyline, making it a gripping watch.

Critical reception
Despite its interesting storyline, the film had a blended vital response. While some praised the chemistry between the lead stars and the engaging plot-twists, others critiqued it for straying into slapstick funny. Nevertheless, the movie's artistic portrayal of a romantic couple developing into unforeseen bad guys stays a point of favorable discussion among critics.

In conclusion, "Cottage Country" is a mix of dark humor and suspenseful crime, illustrating an unexpected event's ruthless grip on a well-planned romantic vacation. It catches various tones of human nature versus the backdrop of a lakeside vacation failed. As the characters grapple with the aftermath of their actions, the viewers likewise find themselves drawn into the thrilling narrative, leading to an amusing and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

Top Cast

  • Malin Åkerman (small)
    Malin Åkerman
    Cammie Ryan
  • Tyler Labine (small)
    Tyler Labine
    Todd Chipowski
  • Dan Petronijevic (small)
    Dan Petronijevic
    Salinger Chipowski
  • Lucy Punch (small)
    Lucy Punch
  • Benjamin Ayres (small)
    Benjamin Ayres
    Don Rosenberg
  • Kenneth Welsh (small)
    Kenneth Welsh
  • Nancy Beatty (small)
    Nancy Beatty
  • Sabrina Grdevich (small)
    Sabrina Grdevich
    Sergeant Mackenzie
  • Jim Annan (small)
    Jim Annan
    Constable Grant
  • Jonathan Crombie (small)
    Jonathan Crombie
    Dan Mushin
  • Earl Pastko (small)
    Earl Pastko